Native American Line Study For Kids

Introducing your kids to National Native American Day? Why not team it up with this interesting and engaging art activity? It will help your kids expand their knowledge about this holiday and the story behind it and in a fun way!

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Exploring national native american day with this native american line study

This art activity is a fun and exciting way to keep your kids busy for a while, and also learn some cool facts about the holiday while they are at it.

If your kids are fond of coloring, this project will be the perfect way to keep them occupied with something that’s informative and constructive.

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SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR this line art activity

The best part is that you’ll need just a few simple art supplies to try out this activity!

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how to start this native american line art activity

Getting started with this activity is actually pretty easy. First, you’ll need to print out the download that you’ll find towards the end of this post.

Next, you’ll need to get your kids to fill up the sections of the drawing with fine, straight lines as you can see in the image above.

Next, it is time to add a bit of color. Give your kids that box of crayons and let them fill up sections of the printable with colors.

And that’s it! Look at how easy it was!

You can also put up this colorful work of art in your kid’s room!

Download Your Native American Coloring Page Here!

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