Super Fun Activities For Kids

When boredom strikes, fun is only a moment away. Really! This list of fun activities for kids contains ideas that kids of all ages and interests will enjoy. Playdough activities, color matching, and alphabet games are perfect for curious toddlers and preschoolers. DIY water blobs, lava lamps, and erupting volcanoes are going to get lots of praise and giggles from your older kids.

Best of all, this list of fun activities for kids will help you create wonderful memories together as a family. And that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? 

Fun Activities for Kids

Here are some fun and easy activities for kids. Enjoy!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Playdough Activity from Craft Play Learn:

Pair this fine motor activity with the Very Hungry Caterpillar book for an educational activity that’s also lots of fun. This promotes comprehension and sequencing by helping kids remember what the caterpillar ate and in what order.

the very hungry caterpillar activity using playdough

DIY Fairy Garden for Kids from Craft Play Learn:

Spark your child’s imagination by building a fairy garden together. While we used fairies, gnomes, and fairy houses that were purchased, you can just as easily recreate a fairy garden out of things you find around the house and in your backyard to avoid a trip to the shops.

diy fairy garden

Dinosaur Color Match from Craft Play Learn:

This dino activity is a fun and engaging way to reinforce color recognition. Use any toy animals or counters that you have on hand. You may even want to do this as a scavenger hunt. For instance, tell your child to find a red toy to put in the red block on the printout.

dinosaur color match game and printable

Color Matching Popsicles from Craft Play Learn:

Here’s another color matching activity that helps children recognize and match colors, but to also recognize color words. It also makes a wonderful quiet time activity, especially when making long trips in the car.

popsicle stick color matching game

DIY Seed Bombs from Craft Play Learn:

Do something good for the earth! Make homemade seed bombs out of paper (recycled paper works fine) and seeds of your choice. Once your seed bombs are dry, give a few to friends and neighbors, and then plant some yourselves.

garden seed bombs

Confetti Slime from The Inspiration Edit:

Kids just can’t get enough slime, and this confetti slime recipe is gorgeous! Kids will have a blast looking at all the colors as they stretch, squeeze, and pull the slime.

Lego Marble Maze from Mombrite:

Bring out the LEGOs so your little engineer can build a marble maze! This is a wonderful STEM activity for kids. Best of all, there are lots of ways to make mazes out of basic bricks, so there’s no wrong way to do it. Kids of all ages will enjoy it.

Grow a Rainbow Experiment from The Best Ideas for Kids:

With a paper towel, water, and washable markers, you can grow a rainbow right in your kitchen! Kids will love seeing the rainbow travel across the length of the paper towel and down into the other glass.

Bug Fossil Playdough from The Inspiration Edit:

Whip up a batch of this easy homemade playdough, and use toy insects to create bug fossils. Use this activity as an opportunity to talk about the fossilization process.

Alphabet Slap from Fun With Mama:

Water activities are a must in summer. Combine an educational alphabet activity with a water table! Kids can identify their letters and numbers as they slap them and fish them out of the water. Older children may enjoy seeing which words they can spell for every 5-7 letters pulled out. It is a little messy when slapping the letters in the water, but it’s all in good fun.

Making Play Doh Dresses from The Inspiration Edit:

Do you have a little fashionista on your hands? Encourage those creative ideas with this dress-making activity using Play-Doh. Boys can get in on the fun with their dolls and action figures, too.

Super Soaker Sponges from Natural Beach Living:

Make these super soaker sponges so you can enjoy some cool-down fun all summer when temperatures are soaring. They’re quite easy to make, and kids will love this creative way of cooling off when you’re outside enjoying the sunshine.

Balloon-Powered Lego Cars from Mombrite:

You can do so many things with LEGOs! These balloon-powered cars will be a big hit with boys and girls who love to build and make things go. Have a race to see which style goes the fastest and farthest.

DIY Lava Lamp from Science Sparks:

Lava lamps are a safe, creative way to introduce kids to simple chemical reactions and the concept of density. You can even make them holiday-specific by adjusting the colors used and by drawing designs on the jar, such as a jack-o-lantern face, a snowman, etc.

Erupting Volcano from Thimble and Twig:

It’s practically a childhood rite of passage to make an erupting volcano of some sort. This acid-base reaction of vinegar and baking soda is a classic science experiment. So, if you haven’t tried it with your kids yet, now’s the time! Even if you’ve done it before, it always gets lots of ooohs and ahhhs!

Taste-Safe Moon Sand from The Best Ideas for Kids:

With only 3 common kitchen ingredients, you can make taste-safe moon sand for kids to mold and sculpt using their beach toys. What a fun activity for days that you can’t make it to the beach.

Pasta Play for Toddlers from Messy Little Monster:

Don’t you love low-prep activities that you can put together in minutes? Grab some spaghetti pasta from the pantry and your colander from the cupboard. It’s as simple as that! Your toddler will enjoy threading the pasta into the holes for quite some time.

String Telephone from Mombrite:

Do you remember making string telephones when you were a child? Time to pass that tradition on to your own children! All you need is some yarn, paper cups, and paperclips, and you’re all set for a gab session.

Neighborhood Walk Scavenger Hunt from Coffee and Carpool:

Make those walks around the neighborhood a little more enjoyable with a scavenger hunt! These printables include an ABC hunt, a numbers hunt, a nighttime scavenger hunt, a photo scavenger hunt, and more.

Pendulum Water Blast from Mosswood Connections:

Improve your child’s visual tracking skills with this fun activity involving whacking water balloons with various toys and implements for hitting balls.

Animal Charades from Journey to SAHM:

Keep the kids entertained when you’re stuck indoors. This game always gets lots of laughs. With cards based on cute animals, imagine the giggles you’ll hear as you all play together.

Ice Painting from Mom Endeavors:

Ice painting is a fun and creative activity for a hot day. It’s a little messy, so make sure you use washable paints. Kids will enjoy smearing the paint across the page and watching the colors mix together.

DIY Water Blobs from Hello, Wonderful:

Make mini water blobs for the kids to slip and slide on this summer. Adding plastic toy fish inside makes each blob look like an aquarium! They’re quite simple to make with plastic sheeting, parchment paper, an iron, and duct tape.

We hope you enjoyed this list of fun activities for kids! Pin it so you’ll have lots of cool ideas to come back to while the kids are out of school.

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