Dinosaur Activities For Kids: Dinosaur Color Match

Dinosaur Activities For Kids: Dinosaur Color Match

Welcome to Craft, Play, Learn. Today I am sharing one of my favourite dinosaur activities that I created for the little ones to enjoy. This is a simple color matching activity and is super easy for preschool kids to enjoy.

Today we have used dinosaurs but you can use any animal or counters that you may have. Sorting and matching are important skills for toddlers and preschool kids to develop and providing them with opportunities to practice, discuss and learn about colors is a great way to help with this developmental learning block.

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What You Will Need For This Dinosaur Activity

You will need a set of colored dinosaurs and a colored sheet. You can create your own colored sheet or print one off! We have a free dinosaur matching sheet at the end of this post.

Don’t forget to use a laminator to turn the color mat into a mat you can use over and over again!

When Should A Child Be Able To Match Colors?

A child should be able to sort and match colors at around 18 months. It is around this age when a toddler begins to notice shapes and color and this is a great stage to introduce color matching activities.

Of course with young toddlers you would want to use large colored objects, books and resources that are safe for a young child.

This dinosaur activity would be better suited to a preschool child aged 3-5. Make sure you supervise and ensure the dinosaur counters don’t end up in a child’s mouth!

How To Use This Dinosaur Activity Sheet?

This is pretty simple. You place the sheet with the colored boxes on the table and add a pile of dinosaurs. The kids can then match the correct colored dinosaur with the correct color box.

If you’re looking to teach the names of the colors then you can make this an interactive dinosaur game asking questions about the names and colors as the child plays.

When Do Children Learn The Names Of Colors?

Children begin to learn the different color names at around 3 years of age. You can use an activity and this dinosaur printable to talk about the colors and teach this as children play.

This color matching activity is also a great tool or resource to use with a child requiring speech therapy. Speaking out loud and discussing the activity and numbers as a child plays is a great way to practice voicing different words and sounds and so this activity could be used as part of play therapy or speech therapy.

You could even talk about feelings and emotions and talk about friendly and scary dinosaurs. There are so many things you could do with this activity. The possibilities are endless.

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