Dinosaur Color Matching Mats For Preschool Kids

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your kids? These Dinosaur Color Matching Mats for preschool kids are so fun!

Kids that are preschool age need to learn their colors and this matching game is perfect for that! Keep reading to discover how your child can learn key developmental skills based on this fun activity!

This dinosaur matching game not only helps kids with their colors, but also with their matching skills. In no time at all, your child will be matching the pom poms to the appropriate place.

By the way, aren’t these dinosaur pom-pom mats adorable?

Dinosaur Printable pom pom mats for kids

What You Need For This Dinosaur Color Matching Mats Activity

When it comes to learning, you need to get a little creative at times. This Dinosaur Color Matching Mats Activity is not only fun, but it’s will get the kids engaged and won’t take too long to play.

It’s true that you can have fun and learn at the same time! Learning through play is the best way for little ones to learn and grow.

What You Need To Make This Dinosaur Color Matching Mats Activity

How To Use This Color Matching Dinosaur Activity

You can use this color matching dinosaur activity to help your child learn the basic names of each color and learn how to match.

First take the pom poms and have your child find the matching color on the dinosaur. Children can use their hands for matching or if you’re wanting to add a fine motor skill task to the equation, you could use some large prechool tweezers.

Depending on the age of your child, this task may be a little tricky at first but I’m sure any child could quickly get the hang of this as you show them what to do.

If you keep working with them and stay consistent, your child will be learning their colors and matching in no time. 

You can make this fun little game as easy or as complicated as you’d like! If you are working with an older child, you can have them complete and match all of the mats! A younger child may want to start with one mat to make it easier for them. 

Why Do Kids Need to Learn About Matching?

There is no doubt that children learn a lot of things when they are little. Matching helps children learn how to put objects together that have the same properties. This is a basic cognitive skill and an essential building block for little ones to develop.

Thinking Skills

Matching also helps kids obtain proper thinking skills. Since no one else is going to think for your child, they need to learn those skills on their own. It’s best if they learn those skills in a fun way, like with this Dinosaur Color Matching Mats For Preschool Kids.

How Matching Supports Other Skills

As your child learns how to match, he or she will also learn new and additional matching skills. Matching the basic colors on a color mat can be a scaffolding activity that leads to learning to match letters, sounds and numbers.

Download Your Free Dinosaur Color Printable Here

I sure hope you enjoy this free dinosaur themed printable. Here is the free download! Enjoy! We also have a dinosaur color match activity using colored dinosaur counters! Check it out here!

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