Build A Dog Paper Craft

If you love dogs or are looking for a fun dog paper craft to go alongside a topic about pets or a fabulous dog themed story book then look no further. This build a dog paper craft is super fun and easy for kids to make in the classroom or at home. Enjoy!

build a dog paper craft

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Fun Facts About Dogs For Kids

  1. Dogs are among the most varied species on the planet. The official name for a dog is Canis Lupis Familiaris.
  1. Chocolate may make dogs very ill or even kill them since it includes a compound called theobromine, which is like poison for dogs.
  1. The Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ includes a frequency only dogs could hear. So watch your puppy when you perform the tune!
  1. Dogs have three eyelids. The next lid is known as the ‘haw’ or nictitating membrane, and it is responsible for maintaining the eye shielded and lubricated.
  1. If your pet has got hold of something that you would like back, do not chase after him. The ideal thing to do would be visibly run off from him. He will consider it a match and run towards you, providing you time to return what you Desire
  1. Dogs can learn how to understand up to 250 words and expressions.
  1. Your dog will smell your emotions. In reality, your pet’s sense of smell is roughly 100,000 times greater than yours.
  1. Petting a dog may actually benefit your bodily and mental wellness. Various studies have shown that petting a puppy for 15 minutes may reduce blood pressure by 10 percent, helps lower feelings of anxiety, depression, and fight loneliness.
  1. Puppies are born deaf and blind. They really can not hear or see until they’re two weeks old.
  2. Three puppies survived the Titanic sinking. Vetstreet says that the puppies were at first-class and comprised a Pomeranian pup – that her proprietor wrapped in a blanket to escape, and everybody believed she was taking a baby. The other Pomeranian and a Pekingese were rescued.

How To Use This Dog Craft Template

To create this fun dog craft, simply download the free dog template and grab a pair of scissors and a glue stick.

The print out comes in color and has a small design at the top of the post as a guide. You can have fun making one or more of these with the kids. Use this printable to go alongside a book about a dog or as a way to teach them to care for a pet dog.

Why do dogs wag their tails?

This is an interesting questions! Dogs wag their tails as a way of expressing emotions. This can range from happiness and excitement to feeling anxious and nervous. When a dog is relaxed they generally rest and don’t wag their tails at all.

Download Your Build A Dog Template Here!

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