Shamrock Rhyming Words Activity Best for K-1

One of the best ways to teach your little one about words is through rhymes and word activities, and here’s putting them two together in this fun downloadable Shamrock rhyming words activity.

This activity comes as a free printable, and is perfect for K-1 kids.

Scroll down and keep reading to get access to it, and get started on this fun activity with your kiddo!

Rhyming Words Activity

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Supplies Needed For This Word Rhyming Activity

Rhyming Words Activity

How To Create This Word Game For Preschool Kids

Using a set of shamrocks, write a pair of rhyming words. Write one word on each shamrock. 

Rhyming Words Activity

For this game, we use the words cat, hat, sad, mad, hot, pot, ten, hen, fun, run, bag, and rag. 

Turn all shamrocks faced down on the table or desk.

Rhyming Words Activity

When child is ready to play the game, flip the sand timer over and start the timer.

Rhyming Words Activity

The child will try to find as many rhyming word matches as he/she can find before the timer runs out. 

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