Five Speckled Frogs Printable And Activity Ideas

Today on Craft Play Learn we have the nursery rhyme Five Speckled Frogs to share with you. I love nursery rhymes and preschool counting songs. Not only are they fun to sing with the little ones, these songs help teach basic counting skills which are needed as a building block in the early years foundation stage.

Five speckled frogs is a fun song and one you can sing at mat time, act out or even turn into a fun craft. In fact we have a whole heaps of ideas for fun frog crafts here on Craft Play Learn that would go well with this fun frog song and printable.

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Five Speckled Frogs Activity Ideas

So if you would like some fun activity ideas to go alongside this frog nursery rhyme look no further. Here are some frog activity ideas you may enjoy±!

Why not create a frog lifecycle and teach the little ones how frogs lay eggs, change into tadpoles and eventually develop into the frog.

You could make Frog puppets to use at mat time or paint your own toilet tube frogs. This would be a fun craft activity and is super easy to set up and do with the kids.

Make a frog themed sensory bin for the little ones to enjoy. Sensory activities are a great way to help children learn as they experience touch, sight, sound, taste and smell.

You could print out these free frog playdough counting mats over on The Inspiration Edit. They are super cute and a great way to extend learning and counting skills.

frog playdough mats

Words To The Five Speckled Frogs Song

Here are the Five Speckled Frogs Nursery Rhyme lyrics.

Five little speckled frogs

Sat on a speckled log

Eating the most delicious bugs (yum yum)

One jumped into the pool

Where it was nice and cool

Then there were four green speckled frogs. (glub glub)

five speckled frogs printable sheet

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Download Your Nursery Rhyme Five Speckled Frogs Here!

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