Girls And Boys Come Out To Play Printable

There’s nothing quite like some good old nursery rhymes to keep your little one busy and engaged, and Girls and Boys Come Out to Play is one good example. This rhyme has been popular since the 17th century, and is loved by toddlers today too!

Looking to introduce it to your little one? Here’s some help your way. Scroll down to get access to and download the Girls and Boys Come Out to Play printable, and discover some cool activities and craft ideas centered around them.

And if you’re looking for some more inspiration and printable freebies, I’ve included those too- towards the end of the post! Keep reading.

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Come Out To Play Nursery Rhyme Words

Before you get started on downloading the actual printable, here are the lyrics for the popular nursery rhyme. This rhyme dates back to the time of Industrial revolution, where children had to work and help their parents during the daytime, and would be able to play only during the evening after work.

Girls and boys, come out to play,

The moon doth shine as bright as day;

Leave your supper, and leave your sleep,

And come with your playfellows into the street.

Come with a whoop, come with a call,

Come with a good will or not at all.

Up the ladder and down the wall,

A halfpenny roll will serve us all.

You find milk, and I’ll find flour,

And we’ll have a pudding in half an hour.

Girls and Boys Come Out to Play Printable Free Download

And here’s the free download as promised. To make this even more fun, you can team it up with a cool activity like some colorful painted rocks or a simple corner bookmark or even some DIY glitter slime!

girls and boys come out to play nursery rhyme lyrics and printable

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Download This Free Nursery Rhyme Printable

And here’s taking it up a notch with some more free printables centered around popular nursery rhymes for kids.

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