Around The Green Gravel: Activities and Lessons

What I love about this song is it gets kids asking questions. You will get questions like what is Green Gravel and what are maids? The song Around The Green Gravel is a little old school so they may not quite understand what is going on in here. But, that is what makes it such a great learning tool.

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Learning Objectives

The Green Gravel nursery rhyme has a lot of ways you can incorporate it into learning objectives. Here are just a few.

  • Students will be able to understand older language and what it means.
  • Students will be able to identify the letter G and its corresponding sound.
  • Students will be able to identify alliteration.
  • Students will be able to read from left to right.
  • Students will be able to identify rhyming words from the text.

Lessons and Activities for Around The Green Gravel

Below are some lessons and activities you can do to enforce the learning objectives above.

  1. Talk about how this song relates to ring around the rose bush. Girls would get in a circle and dance around the rose bush. In the same way, girls would dance all around the green pasture talking about when they would get married. You could even use this to compare and contrast the two songs.
  2. Identify the letter G in the song. Talk about the sound it makes. Take a walk around the school or the playground to find other things that start with the letter G. Try these alphabet worksheets to drive home the letter and sound recognition.
  3. Sing the song, then give each student a copy of the rhyme to follow along with the words. This helps students identify words and builds reading confidence. It also teaches students how to read from left to right.
  4. Talk about how alliteration is using the same sound two or more times in a line. Point out the alliteration in the song and see if kids can come up with an alliteration using their name. An example would be silly sally stood on a ball.
  5. Point out the rhyming words in the song. Tell students that they are words that sound the same at the end. Play a rhyming game in which you say a word and everyone has to come up with a word that rhymes. You can go around in a circle or have them shout out rhyming words.

Around The Green Gravel Nursery Rhyme Words

Here are the words for Around The Green Gravel.

All around the green gravel,

The grass grows so green,

And all the pretty maids are fit to be seen.

Wash them in milk,

Dress them in silk,

And the first to go down shall be married.

around the green gravel nursery rhyme printable

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