I Had A Little Nut Tree Rhyme and Song

Do you know the fun song I had a little nut tree nursery rhyme? It’s a great one to sing with the little ones and today we are sharing a free printable and activity ideas to go alongside this nut themed song. Nursery rhymes are a great way to teach kids rhyming words, phonics skills, and simple reading skills.

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I Had A Little Nut Tree Lyrics

I had a little nut tree
Nothing would it bear
But a silver nutmeg
And a golden pear

The King of Spain’s daughter
Came to visit me,
And all for the sake
Of my little nut tree

Her dress was made of crimson
Jet black was her hair
She asked me for my nutmeg
And my golden pear

I said, “So fair a princess
Never did I see
I’ll give you all the fruit
From my little nut tree

I Had a Little Nut Printable

Download Your Free I Had A Little Nut Tree Printable Here

i had a little nut tree printable

How to Make it Educational

This nursery rhyme is a great way to teach kids about rhyming words. How many can you find in this simple rhyme? Here are some ways you can use this song to foster reading and rhyming:

  • Read the song together.
  • Take about the words that sound the same at the end.
  • Find all the rhyming words you can.
  • Have kids point to each word as they sing to build reading recognition.
  • Look into the science of nut trees.
  • Find other activities to foster their rhyming skills

Rhyming Activities

To really help kids understand rhyming and learn to read rhyming words, you want to do activities to build up their knowledge. Here are a few activities we enjoy:

Or, look at the other nursery rhyme printables below to find other rhyming words as you sing and have fun together.

Download Your Free I Had A Little Nut Tree Printable Here

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