Printable Butterfly Song For Kids Plus Activity Ideas

Printable Butterfly Song For Kids And Activity Ideas

Today on Craft Play Learn we are sharing a fantastic free printable of the nursery rhyme Butterfly Butterfly. I really do love Butterflies, they are quite beautiful. In fact I’ve had the opportunity to take my daughter to visit butterflies at Tropical World Leeds in the United Kingdom and at the Otago Museum in New Zealand.

Music is a wonderful medium for kids and for those interested in the beauty of the butterfly there are many songs you can sing as well as crafts and activities that all related to the butterfly.

I’ll share some fun butterfly crafts and activity ideas..but if you’re simply wanting to download the Butterfly song printable, head to the bottom of the page to the download section.

How Many Legs Does A Butterfly Have?

Well my daughter asked me the other day how many legs does a butterfly have. The fact a caterpillar had many legs got her thinking about the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly and lead her to ask the question.

The answer is six. Butterflies have three distinct leg segments attached to it’s thorax. Now that’s a fact about butterflies I did not know!

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Butterfly Crafts And Activities For Kids

So if you’re looking for some fun butterfly themed activities or crafts, I have a few here to share with you. This is a way to extend children’s interest in insects and the butterfly and use this interest to develop essential skills such as literacy and art.

I’m sure you will love these super cute Butterfly activities and craft ideas! Which will love do first?

Make A Colorful Butterfly With this rainbow butterfly craft idea from The Inspiration Edit.

letter b is for butterfly craft

Do a stages of a butterfly activity such as this one over on the Messy Little Monster Blog.

Make a Pop Up Butterfly card such as this super cute one which I found over on Red Ted Art.

If you want to try something different you could try making some super cute Butterfly masks. These butterfly mask templates over on The Inspiration Edit are super easy to make!

I’m sure the preschool kids or your children at home would love one of the above butterfly craft and activity ideas! My daughter sure does!

Lyrics For The Butterfly Butterfly Song

Here are the words for the nursery rhyme butterfly butterfly.

Butterfly, butterfly,

Whence do you come?

“I know not, I ask not,

Nor ever had a home.”

Butterfly, butterfly,

Where do you go?

“Where the sun shines,

And where the buds grow.”

butterfly butterfly nursery rhyme printable

If you’re looking for more butterfly themed ideas, why not check out our list of Butterfly books for preschool kids! There are some fantastic books on the list that kids will adore!

butterfly books for kids

Download The Butterfly Butterfly Printable Here

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