Mary Had A Little Lamb Activities And Lyrics For Kids

Mary Had a Little Lamb was probably one of the first nursery rhymes you would have introduced to your toddler, and just like most others, it has a fun storyline and is a good way to improve your kid’s vocabulary and speech skills.

And if you’re looking for ways to take that all up a notch and try some more fun activities to go along with it, I have you covered. Read on to discover some of the best Mary Had a Little Lamb activities for kids.

I’ve got a super fun free printable for you to download as well!


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Why Nursery Rhymes?

From boosting your child’s hearing awareness to boosting the development of his brain, nursery rhymes do a lot. That’s exactly why they are included as a part of a growing child’s curriculum. Plus, nursery rhymes can also be an excellent conversation opener for children, especially with people they aren’t that familiar with.

Sitting down with your child and reciting his favorite rhymes together, enacting the scenes can be a priceless bonding experience.

Mary Had A Little Lamb Lyrics

Mary Had a little lamb, it’s fleece was white as snow, yeah.

Everywhere the child went the lamb, the lamb was sure to go yeah.

He followed her to school one day and broke the teacher’s rules.

And what a time did they have that day at school.

Mary Had A Little Lamb Lyrics and Activity Ideas

Download This Mary Had A Little Lamb Printable Here!

Downloaded the printable? Now’s the time for some fun right? Look up some fun craft activities and projects that you can theme around this rhyme, and make it an even more enjoyable experience for your little one.

For instance, if you get your hands on some Mary Had a Little Lamb activity printables, all you need to do is print them and have your little one work on them. They could be anything at all- a coloring activity, a word search or even a puzzle. You could also look up a YouTube video about lambs (and other animals) and make the best use of your little one’s screen time, explaining him about the animal.

How To Draw A Lamb

Another cool trick is to learn how to draw lamb, or if your toddler is old enough, color within its lines, or stick it on a white paper- you get the drill. Recall your little one’s favorite art and craft activities, and do them again, only this time, theme them around your little one’s favorite rhyme- in this case, Mary Had a Little Lamb.

You’ll find tons of inspiration for activities online- everything from finger painting to counting and color identification activities, and most of them are super easy and age appropriate too.

Nursery Rhymes For Toddlers

Nursery rhymes are a super fun way to keep your toddler busy and entertained, learn new words and ideas, and develop his imagination and speech skills. And what’s great is the fact that there are tons of nursery rhymes out there already.

If you’re looking for more free printables and activities related to some of the most popular nursery rhymes, I’ve got your back. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite picks.

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