dr seuss slime reicpe

Dr Seuss Clear Slime Recipe

Book inspired crafts are always a lot of fun, and that’s because they aren’t just a fun way to keep your little one busy and engaged in something creative, but it also inspires them to read more books and develop a love for them.

And if your little one loved Put Me in the Zoo from Dr Seuss, this clear slime recipe is a must try, especially if you were looking for sensory activities in particular. This is one fun activity both you and your kids will love.

Scroll down and keep reading to discover everything you need to get started on this easy slime recipe, and read some cool tips, tricks and suggestions to take it all up a notch as well.

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Ingredients For This Clear Slime Recipe

If you’ve made slime before, you know you’ll need a few ingredients you’ll need to pick up from the craft store. And if you’ve not, let this be your first try. Making slime at home by yourself is great, because you know it will be non toxic too!

Here’s what you’ll need.

Clear Slime Recipe ingredients

How To Make Slime With Pom Poms: Dr Seuss Slime

Got your ingredients ready? Here’s the quick rundown of making the slime yourself!

Pour clear glue into a bowl.

Add 3 teaspoons of the Magical liquid and mix well.


Add pom pom’s and mix well. The mixture will still be sticky at this point.

Now add another 3 teaspoons of the magical liquid and mix well.


The mixture should be getting less sticky at this point.

Clear Slime Recipe

If it’s still sticky, add one more teaspoon of the magical liquid and start to knead with hands.

Continue to knead until it’s no longer sticky.

Clear Slime Recipe

Have fun playing with your slime!

You can store the clear slime in an airtight baggie for up to 1 week.

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Slime crafts are great for growing kids, since they bring in the fun factor with the aspect of sensory play and learning.

Tips & Tricks

Dr Seuss’s collection of books have always been a favorite among growing toddlers, and with colorful illustrations and interesting story lines, you can’t go wrong with them.

And to take things up a notch, here are some more Dr Seuss inspire craft activities, book suggestions and ideas to keep your little one busy and strengthen his love for books.

Pick any of these activities on a random lazy afternoon and get started!

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Clear Slime Recipe

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