diy paer bag monkey puppet

Teaching your little one about monkeys? Or maybe you’ve got a few good animal themed books for your toddler. Whatever it is, this quick and easy DIY paper monkey craft could be an amazing add-on to consider.

Getting him involved in these simple crafts can get his interest piqued, and help him learn about things in a practical way. And of course, it all helps fine tune his motor skills too, which is another big plus!

You’ll be using just a few supplies for this, and together the two of you can have a lot of fun crafting this and eventually putting it to use. Ready to get started? Read on for a few tips and tricks and a short list of supplies, followed by the instructions!

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Supplies Needed For the Paper Monkey Craft

Ready to get started on this super cool paper monkey craft idea? Here’s everything that you’ll need.


How To Make This Brown Paper Bag Monkey Puppet

Cut an oval shape out of white construction paper.

Cut a monkey face shape out of brown construction paper and glue on top of the white oval.

Cut two semi-circles out of brown construction paper. Glue to the back of the white oval in the place of ears.

Glue a pair of plastic eyes on the monkey face. Using a black marker, draw a nose and mouth on the face.

Open one brown paper bag and fill with crumpled up bags or pieces of scrap paper. When you do this, it fills up the bag and keeps it from getting flat and deflated.

Fold the top over and secure with glue or tape.

Glue the monkey face to the top of the paper bag.

Make arms and legs by cutting strips of brown construction paper.

Form a ring with one strip of paper, securing the ends together with glue.

Link another strip onto the first ring by pulling the strip through the center of the ring and securing the ends with glue.

Link three strips of paper together to create two arms and two legs.

Secure the arms and legs to the paper bag with glue.

paper monkey craft

That’s it. Your paper bag monkey is ready.

Once you and your little one have given this a shot, you can also experiment a bit with different colors and ideas, and whip up different animals- everything from pigs and cows to dogs and cats.

The idea is to start with a simple craft idea, and if you find that your little one truly enjoyed it, you can use the same concept and idea, modify it a bit, and then take it further.

Loved this craft idea? What if I told you I’ve got more? I’ve compiled a short list of crafts, activities and book suggestions revolving around monkeys and other animals, so that you don’t need to go hunting! You’re welcome!

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