Easy Bee Crafts for Kids

Easy Bee Crafts for Kids

It’s a bee-utiful day anytime you make one of these cute bee crafts for kids. When the weather warms up, we start thinking about spring and all those lovely flowers that begin to bloom. And you know what happens next—the bees arrive and start buzzing happily from flower to flower, doing their part to help the flowers along as they enjoy a little nectar.

Making bee crafts is a fun spring activity, and these particular projects are great for younger kids. Look through our list of bee crafts for preschoolers, and you’ll find loads of adorable ideas. Pipe cleaner bees, pom-pom bees, paper plate bees, paper cup bees—you get the idea. With a little creativity, you can turn anything into a happy little bumblebee.

Use these bee crafts as a creative extension for bee-themed books, or as a low-key activity as part of a bee-themed or insect-themed unit study.

No matter which project you choose, we bee-lieve you’ll have a wonderful time crafting with the kids.

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Easy Bee Crafts for Kids

Paper Cup Bumble Bee Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

Perfect for preschoolers, this cute craft is easy and fun to make. It’s a great way to introduce the concept of the bee’s role in pollination and its importance to the ecosystem. You can use this basic cup idea to make other insects like butterflies and ladybugs.

cup bumble bee craft

Chunky Bumble Bee Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

This is one bee craft you’ll want to hang onto! Made with wooden circles as the base, they’re sturdy and will hold up over time. Plus, you have to admit, they’re super cute! These bees would be gorgeous in a nursery or playroom.

chunky bumble bee craft

Popsicle Stick Bumble Bee Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

Simple and sweet—this bee craft is an excellent option for a summer camp craft or as a craft with your homeschool group. Of course, you can make it at home with your kiddos, too. Little ones can do this mostly independently, but they’ll need help cutting out the wings from the plastic jugs.

popsicle stick bumble bee craft

Honey Bee Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to make this honey bee craft with your honeybunch. Make a bunch, and use the clothespins to clip them onto some twine to make a garland for spring.

honey bee craft

Wooden Spoon Bee from Easy Peasy and Fun:

Make a cute bee puppet out of a wooden spoon. This is a great option for preschoolers who will love playing with it as much as they love making it. Use the same concept to create more insects. A dragonfly wooden spoon would be fun!

wooden spoon bee craft

Recycled Bee Craft from I Heart Crafty Things:

Teaching kids to recycle is important, and a fantastic way to extend the use of something is to use it in crafts! This bee craft uses both newspapers and toilet rolls, and the result is just beautiful.

recycled bee craft

Woven Paper Plate Bee Craft from Kids Craft Room:

A handprint craft and paper plate craft in one, this project lets kids practice fine motor skills like tracing, cutting, and weaving. Write cute and funny messages between the yarn lines.

woven paper plate bee craft

Garden Bees Interactive Craft from Our Kid Things:

Perfect for introducing the pollination concept, one of the bees in this adorable craft moves around from flower to flower. Doesn’t he look happy buzzing around the flower garden?

garden bees interactive craft

Bee and Hive Paper Craft from Simple Everyday Mom:

Papercrafts can easily be adapted for all ages, and this one is lots of fun to put together. The chunky little bees look adorable, flying around the hive. Perhaps you can talk about how bees make honey along with this activity.

bee and hive paper craft

Bee Corner Bookmark from Red Ted Art: 

Once you get the hang of the basic corner bookmark design, there’s no limit to the bookmarks you can create! This bee corner bookmark is a fun choice to keep the pages in the books on your summer reading list.

bee corner bookmark

Egg Carton Bees from Pink Stripey Socks:

It’s so much fun to make something beautiful out of egg cartons, which you usually throw away or put in the recycling bin. These sweet little bees have pipe cleaners for wings.

egg carton bees

Pistachio Shell Bees from Crafts 4 Toddlers:

How clever to make bees out of tiny little pistachio shells! These bees are lightweight, so you could glue them to a pipe cleaner and fly them around the house for a bit of extra fun once you’re done making them.

pistachio shell bees

Preschool Bee Craft from Natural Beach Living:

This simple color, cut, and paste bee craft gives preschoolers a chance to practice their coloring and their scissor skills. Kids can color in the bee pieces with crayons or markers. Paint is an option, too, but you’ll need to print on thicker paper for that.

preschool bee craft

Clothespin Bees from The Craft Train:

Clothespin crafts are a favorite because you can pin them on the curtains or blinds, clip them onto string to make garlands, or add magnets to put them on the filing cabinet or fridge. The beaded antennae on the bees are super cute! Change out the colors, and you could have a dragonfly in a pinch.

easy clothespin bee craft

Pom-Pom Bee from MollyMoo:

This little bee looks so soft and sweet. Don’t you want to hold it in your hands? If you don’t have a pom-pom maker, you could always buy some large pom-poms and cut them up to recreate this look.

pom pom bees craft

Bumblebee Footprint Craft from Messy Little Monster:

Making footprint crafts is a beautiful way to remember those tiny little feet and toes. Turn your kiddo’s footprint into a happy little bumblebee with some yellow paint, a marker, and some googly eyes.

bumblebee footprint craft

Pipe Cleaner Bees from Blissful Domestication:

Since this pipe cleaner bee craft requires few materials, you can easily do this with a group of kids at home or school. The bees look adorably fuzzy; the kids will have lots of fun playing with them once the craft is finished.

pipe cleaner bees

Cute Cork Bees from Our Kid Things:

You’ve probably walked by cork coasters dozens of times, as have I, and didn’t realize their craft potential. But these cork bees with cupcake liner wings are seriously cute!

cute cork bees

Which bee craft is your favorite?

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