Ladybug Crafts Your Kids Will Want to Make

L is for ladybug! These ladybug crafts not only help little ones to get the concept of the letter L and its sound, but they are super cute to make.

Ladybug Crafts

Ladybug Crafts

Crafts are a great way to help little ones build fine motor skills, express their creativity, and communicate. These lady bug crafts can help you to teach the letter L sound as well.

Ladybug Sun Catcher

Rainy Day Mum

I always loved making sun catchers when I was a child. They are fun to make, make beautiful colors come through the window, and add a little pizzaz to your room.

Paper Plate Ladybug

Glued To My Crafts

All you need to do for this cute little lady bug is cut a paper plate in half. This is so simple even toddlers can have fun doing it.

Ladybug Crafts

Ladybug Handprint Craft

The Inspiration Edit

This craft makes for a perfect keepsake. It’s a great way to look back and see what those tiny fingers used to look like.

Paper crafts are fun, but it is even more fun when you can make them 3-D. These ladybugs are super cute and easy to make.

Ladybug Crafts

CD Yarn Ladybugs

Our Kid Things

Most people don’t have a use for CDs anymore, so why not transform them into a cute ladybug. This craft helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Need some magnets to hold crafts on your fridge? Don’t go buy them! Have your kids make these cute little guys for you.

Ladybug Crafts

Apple Stamp Ladybird Craft

Simple Everyday Mom

You can make a cute little ladybug using an apple stamp. Kids love using stamps and making them into something more is just half the fun.

Lady Bird Paper Plate Craft

This super cute paper plate ladybird is a great activity over on Go Science Girls. Using a few materials including pipe cleaners have fun making this fantastic ladybug.

Cupcake Liner Ladybugs

I Heart Crafty Things

Toilet paper tubes and red cupcake liners can transform into the cutest lady bugs. For kids who want more than just gluing and coloring, this is the perfect craft.

Ladybug Crafts

Swirling Twirling Ladybug Crafts

Craft From Amanda

Decorative yard ornaments can be expensive. But, with this craft, your kiddos can help you make them for free.

Construction Paper Ladybug On A Leaf

Easy Peasy And Fun

Engineering is one of those skills that you don’t have to teach. With a little creativity, kids can learn to make a lady bug with paper.

Ladybug Crafts

Toilet Tube Ladybug

The Inspiration Edit

With a printable template and a toilet paper roll, your kiddos can create the cutest ladybug.

Paper Craft Ladybug Craft

The Inspiration Edit

These guys have fluttering wings. I always loved making pop-up cards, and these pop-up ladybugs are sure to be a hit.

Button Ladybugs

Rainy Day Mum

Do you have a bunch of buttons in your sewing kit? If so, you can make a whole army of different ladybugs.

Ladybug Crafts

Recycled CD Ladybug

I Heart Arts N Crafts

Here is another ladybug craft that uses both an old CD and your child’s handprints. It’s a cute keepsake you can all enjoy.

Ladybug Corner Bookmark

The Inspiration Edit

Do you have a little one who hates reading? Sometimes, they just need a motivator. If they love crafts, they will love using this ladybug bookmark to help them read.

Ladybug Footprint Craft

Messy Little Monster

We tend to see a lot of crafts that use handprints, but this ladybug craft uses a footprint. Its the perfect keepsake to put out at graduation.

Ladybug Crafts

Paper Bowl Ladybug Craft

I Heart Crafty Things

With a paper bowl, some black paper, google eyes, and some pipe cleaners, your kids can make their very own 3-D ladybug.

Ladybug Card

The Best Ideas For Kids

I just love how cute this is. Not only does it use your child’s face, but it makes for the perfect keepsake for anyone. Send this Valentine’s Day idea to mom, dad, grandma, aunts, uncles, or anyone who would love it.

Ladybug Crafts

Ladybug Bookmarks

Red Ted Art

Here is another bookmark you can make to make reading fun for little ones. It’s also a fun way to mark the pages of a chapter book you are reading to your child.

Ladybug Puppet

Mess For Less

Puppets don’t need to be bought when you can make them right at home. Puppets are a great way to foster imagination and build those communication skills.

For even more learning and fun, check out our Color Sorting Ladybug Activity for Kids!

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Ladybug Crafts

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