Paper Bag Monkey Craft Preschool Kids Love

Paper Bag Monkey Craft For Little Ones

What kid doesn’t love a monkey? Growing up I loved monkeys. I collected them and I loved to draw monkeys and make monkey crafts. Today at Craft Play Learn we have a fantastic Monkey Paper Bag Puppet for you to create with the little ones. I’m sure they will enjoy this fun and creative craft as much as I did.

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Why Make Monkey Crafts?

Monkeys are a favorite of kids. From Curious George to King Louie from the Jungle Book, monkeys have been captivating the hearts and minds of children for a long time. Crafts that feature monkeys help encourage creative play and a love for arts and crafts in young children.

Paper Bag Monkey Craft

Fun Facts About Monkeys

Today I’m going to share a few fun facts about monkeys. You can use these questions and answers to teach your preschool or kindergarten kids more about the Monkey as they have fun making this easy monkey craft.

Where Do Monkeys Live?

Monkeys live almost everywhere there are tropical jungles or subtropical forests. Some species of monkeys are arboreal which means they build nests in trees. Some popular countries for monkeys include the Amazon, Asia and Africa.

Do Monkeys Eat Bananas?

No, though they are often considered to, monkeys they do not eat bananas. They like the same foods that humans like fruits and nuts.

Is A Monkey A Mamal?

Yes, a monkey is a mammal. Some other popular mammals include dogs and cats as well as elephants, bears and whales.

How Many Fingers Do Monkeys Have?

Monkeys have five fingers just like us.

Do All Monkeys Have Tails?

No, some monkeys have no tails at all while others have very long ones.

Can Monkeys Eat Chocolate?

No, chocolate is poisonous to monkeys just as it is other mammals.

What Is A Monkey’s Life Span?

Monkeys can live for as long as 35 years.

5 Little Monkeys Nursery Rhyme

One of the most popular nursery rhymes we sing at Kindergarten is 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On A Bed. It’s a great song and one the kids seem to love. To get Five little monkeys lyrics pop over to this page and grab the free Nursery rhyme download.

Materials Needed For This Elephant Craft

Here are the supplies you will need for this fun elephant papercraft.

  • Paper Bag – Buy paper bags in bulk to save money.
  • Colored Paper – For this monkey craft, you’ll need pink, brown, black and white construction paper.
  • Glue Stick – Use glue sticks or pva glue.
  • Scissors – We recommend craft scissors that are safe for kids.
  • Markers – Use any black marker such as a basic Sharpie pen.

How To Make This M Is For Monkey Craft

Step One: Print Your Monkey Template

Print out the Monkey template and cut the pieces out. Set the monkey eyes to the side.

Step Two: Trace The Monkey Body Parts

Trace the monkey head, ears, and body parts onto colored paper and cut the pieces out.

Step Three: Glue Your Paper Monkey Together

Glue the monkey body to the paper bag, followed by the head, ears, and other body parts. Glue the monkey’s tail and feet.

Step Four: Add The Eyes To Your Monkey Craft

Glue the eyes, cheeks, and nose to your paper bag monkey.

Next add the Monkey ears, feet and monkey tail.

Step Five: Add Final Details To Your Monkey Puppet

Use markers to add detail to your puppet.

You don’t have to stop here. Why not make a whole lot of different paper bag characters. It can be a lot of fun!

Get Your Paper Bag Monkey Template Here

To make this fun and easy monkey craft you’ll want to download our free monkey template. You can get this here! Monkey Template!

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