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Kids and adults alike love The Cat in the Hat. This Cat In The Hat Sensory Box is a great way for little ones to build comprehension skills after reading them the book. Using the sensory bin, children can:

  • Use their senses and props to understand the story
  • Sort by colors, objects, and shapes
  • Use the legos to work on math skills or build their own house
  • Come up with their own Stories
  • Create scenes from the book
  • Express their creativity in different ways
Cat In The Hat Sensory Box

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What is Needed For This Dr Seuss Activity

You will want a wide assortment of red and white items. You can find most of these items right on Amazon! Here is what we used:

  • Cotton balls
  • Legos
  • Mini clothespins
  • Glittery Christmas scatter
  • Measuring spoons
  • Tongs
  • Pluffle 
  • Feathers
Cat In The Hat Sensory Box supplies

You can add other fun items to a large tray or a plastic storage bin. Whatever you think the child or children would enjoy.

How to Make a Cat In The Hat Sensory Box

Pour pluffle on to a tray or into a storage bin.

Make sure you take a moment to squeeze, form and otherwise take in the pluffle; it is a great sensory play option and adults will enjoy the texture too.

Next, offer your child an assortment of red and white items.We used tiny clothespins, legos in red and white, feathers, cotton balls, and Christmas scatter that was glittery and red.Encourage your child to recreate the stripes of the Cat in the Hat’s hat.

This is a great opportunity to use fine motor skills with the spoons and tongs. Encourage your child to try placing the items with those tools as well as their fingers.

When play time is over, you can snap a lid on the bin, or put it all back in the pluffle container for future play sessions. Pluffle never dries out!

Other Sensory Boxes and Bins

I like to have a variety of sensory boxes or sensory bins that kids can choose from. These bins are a great way to build fine motor skills and offer kids the chance to learn through exploring their imaginations and play. Here are some other bins you could make:

Cat In The Hat Sensory Box

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