15 Sensory Bins Inspired By Books

So you’ve probably added a few good books to your little one’s collection, and have even developed a bedtime reading routine. That’s awesome. But what if I told you there was a way to take it all up a notch and make reading an even more fun and interesting activity?

In already? You should be! I’ve actually compiled a list of some of the best sensory bins inspired by books. Scroll down to check if your little one’s favorite book made its way in there, and if it did, just get started on it already.

best sensory bins

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Why Sensory Bins?

Sensory bins are an incredibly easy and fun way to help your little one explore different textures while engaging his senses. They have been found to help improve your child’s imagination, creativity and ability to learn and identify things.

Infact, they also have a calming effect thanks to the sensory input they offer.

Candy Bin by The Chaos and the Clutter

Did your little one enjoy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? This candy inspired sensory bin could be a great activity to try! And no- it isn’t an all candy sensory box. No worrying about all that sugar mommas!

candy sensory bins

Junk Yard Bin by Stir the Wonder

If your little one is a fan of the book Junkyard, this sensory bin is worth trying. What’s best is the fact that everything that makes this one up is probably already right in your home.

junk yard sensory bins

What Lady Bird Heard Sensory Bin by Wugs and Dooley

What the Ladybird Heard is an excellent children’s book, and if it is one of your kid’s favorite picks, this sensory bin activity will be an excellent project to get started on, and help your kid discover even more about ladybugs.

Pirate Slime Sensory Play by Where Imagination Grows

Time for some pirate themed fun for your little one! If you haven’t already, get your hands on Ye Old Pirates- an excellent children’s book, and try this super simple slime sensory activity on the side.

Apart from these, there are many other sensory bins inspired by books that you could try on a lazy afternoon, and keep your little one busy and occupied with a fun learning activity.

Put Me in the Zoo Sensory Bin by Suzy Homeschooler

put me in the zoo sensory bins

Dinosaur Egg Rescue Bin by Rainy Day Mum

Hungry Caterpillar Bin by Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

Rainbow Fish Rice Fishing Bin by Adventures and Play

Chicka Chicka Sensory Bin by Mama Papa Bubba

Where’s Wally Sensory Bin by Practical Mom

Little Blue Truck Sensory Bin by Kitchen Floor Crafts

Jack and the Beanstalk Bin by Fantastic Fun and Learning

Three Billy Goats Gruff Sensory Bin by Growing Book by Book

Good Night Moon Sensory Bin by Intentional Grace

Check out our Dinosaur Themed Sensory Bin!

This super cute Dinosaur sensory bin activity is easy and has a tutorial showing you how to dye rice for a sensory bin.

dinosaur sensory activity for kids

Looking for some more fantastic and fun learning ideas like this sensory bin activity? I’ve got you covered. Here’s my list of the best ones I’ve come across.

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