Angry Birds Painted Rocks Craft Activity

Is your little one an Angry birds fan? Why not get him to try a simple painting activity that he’ll absolutely love? These Angry Birds painted rocks are super easy to make, and your toddler will end up feeling all accomplished and proud!

Ready to give it a shot? Read on below for the super short supplies list!

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Supplies For the Angry Birds Painted Rocks

This activity is perfect for those times when you’re looking to keep your little one busy with an activity, but need it to be minimal effort too. That’s just the beauty of rock painting activities! The supplies list is super short, and the instructions are simple! You

  1. Small stones (you might want to take bigger stones if your little one is still learning how to paint)
  2. Acrylic colours.
  3. Paintbrush. 
  4. Black Marker Pens. 
angry birds painted rocks


Step 1

To make the angry bird stone craft, the first you need to gather all the listed supplies from above. 

Select a stone you want to use for your angry bird. 

The stones should be at least 1 inch wide and long. 

Clean the stone and make sure there aren’t any dust in ut. 

Then use white acrylic paint to paint the whole stone, this white clour will be the base for our colouring.

Leave the paint to dry.

Step 2

Once the white paint has completely dried, use a coat of red acrylic paint over the white paint. 

You can use more than one layer if you wish. 

Apply the second layer after the first layer has completely dried. 

angry birds painted rocks

Step 3

Now, take a thin black marker pen or a pencil to draw the outlines of the bird’s features. 

Then, use a thin paintbrush and black acrylic paint to draw over the marker outlines. 

Now let the black paint to dry. 

Step 4

Use white paint to fill up the outline for the bird’s belly and eyeballs. 

Allow the paint to dry completely.

angry birds painted rocks

Step 5

Now finish it off by filling up the angry bird’s beak using yellow acrylic paint. 

Your angry bird rock painting is now complete. Why not try painting different birds or a flying pig!

This would make a fantastic fun activity for the little ones and is a simple and easy rock painting craft to try.

angry birds painted rocks

The best part about this Angry Birds painted rocks activity is its simplicity! Just spread out some old newspapers in the area to make cleaning the aftermath a breeze! This is actually one of those genius activities that need very little or no supervision on your part.

Looking for some other fun activities for your little one to try? I’ve got you covered!

Getting your little one to try these activities isn’t just a way to keep him busy and occupied, but it also helps boost his creativity and artistic side and improves his fine motor skills.

angry birds painted rocks

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