DIY Dik Dik Or Antelope Bookmark

Today we have a super cute bookmark craft for kids to make. Making animal themed bookmarks with young children is a great way to encourage reading and extend a child’s interest in books and animals.

These super cute Dik Dik or Antelope bookmarks are really easy to make and come with a fantastic free printable to make the bookmark making process easy to follow.

I’m sure these really cute Dik Dik bookmarks will be a huge hit with the kids. The eyes are just adorable and they almost make me think of the Disney character Bambi.

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What is a dik-dik? 

A dik-dik is a small antelope in the genus Madoqua. These creatures live in Eastern and Southern bushlands of Africa. 

Why is a dik-dik called a dik-dik?

An interesting name to be called the dik-dik, you may be wondering where this unusual name came from. The female dik-dik, when alarmed makes the sound “zik-zik” or “dik-dik.” Because of the alarm calls they make (when scared), these animals make it harder to shooter bigger games.

Supplies Needed For This Dik Dik Craft

  1. Colored cardstock papers
  2. Pencil
  3. Glue
  4. Black sharpie or pen
  5. Scissors

How To Make A Dik Dik or Antelope Bookmark

Step -1 Dik Dik Bookmark

Select different shades of brown colored cardstock papers and also select cream colored cardstock paper or craft paper.

Trace the head, body and 2 legs (strip patterns) from brown cardstock paper, trace the small patterns (nose, hoofs, horns) on dark colored cardstock paper; trace the inner ear parts on pink colored craft papers and trace the circular patterns on cream colored craft papers.

Use a black pen or sharpie to draw eyes on the circular patterns. Cut out the traced patterns nicely.

Step -2: Dik Dik Bookmark

Stick the inner ear parts cut out from pink craft paper in the ear parts attached to the head.

Step – 3: Dik Dik Bookmark

Attach the eyes and making sure to keep both eyes symmetrically aligned. Attach the horn patterns on the top side of the head; keep the bottom ends of the horns at the back side of the head.

Step – 4: Dik Dik Bookmark

Attach the nose near the bottom side of the head and draw a simple smile below the nose. I used a brown coloring pencil to sketch a triangular pattern on the forehead of the dikdik.

Step – 5: Dik Dik Bookmark

Grab the hoof strips and attach them on any one sides of the strips (legs) and also along the small square extra parts on the bottom side of the body pattern.

Step – 6: Dik Dik Bookmark

Use scissors to trim and align the hoof strips with the pattern attached.

Step – 7: Dik Dik Bookmark

Apply a drop of glue on the wrong side of the leg strips (on the opposite end of the hoofs).   

Step – 8: Dik Dik Bookmark

Attach the legs with the body, about a cm below the head. And done!

Your craft is now complete. What a fantastic bookmark and a great way to encourage literacy and learning for kids.

Download your free printable Dik Dik template here!

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