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As a mom to a fast growing toddler or child, you know how having a bedtime routine is super important, and can have a huge impact on your little one’s personality, vocabulary and mindset. You might have already picked up some good books to add to his or her collection, and Room on the Broom might be one of them- or maybe you’re considering getting your hands on it.

Whatever it is, why not take it up a notch with a good craft activity to go along with it? That’s exactly what I have for you here. Read on to discover a super easy Room on the Broom craft activity you could try with your little one.

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room on the broom craft

Supplies For the Room on the Broom Craft Idea

A little trip to the local craft store can get you all of the items you’ll need to try this craft activity at home. And if you’re not really keen on getting out there and putting in all that effort, you can of course, also repurpose materials that you already have.

How To Make This Room On The Broom Reading Resource

Find or purchase a copy of your story book Room on the broom. Alternatively you can visit the library or look up images online.

easy craft

Use these pictures to draw your own characters onto wooden slices. Make sure you have an eraser incase you make any mistakes. If you don’t have wooden slices, you could make use of cardboard pieces instead.

Next paint the Room on the broom characters with a paint brush or posca paint pens. Once the characters are dry you can outline with a black marker pen or black posca paint pen.

If you’re using paint pens, you could allow your toddler to try his hands at it too, especially if he is now able to color within lines.

Your Room on the broom Reading resources are now ready to enjoy!

Book Activities For Kids

Did your little one love the book and the craft activity? Well, it turns out many others did too, because the book has also been turned into a short stop motion animated movie- perfect for when you want to keep your toddler busy with some screen time.

When it comes to teaching your little one about life skills and qualities, you can never go wrong with books. Through fun stories and colorful pictures, they often convey important messages to your little one in a very strong and powerful way. Infact, they are the most effortless way to teach your toddler about important ideas and values.

Fantastic Book Ideas For Kids

Looking for inspiration for some other good books for your toddler? I’ve got you covered. Here’s a handpicked list of some of the best books, resources and craft activities related to them that you can get started on right away!

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the room on the broom wooden slice craft idea

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