Valentines Day Sensory Bin For Kids

Valentines Day Sensory Bin For Kids

Are you a fan of DIY Sensory Bins? I sure am. In fact, when I was studying to become an early years teacher, I loved everything sensory. I hadn’t heard of this form of play and loved the many ideas I saw in the preschool setting.

Today I am sharing a Valentines Day themed sensory bin. The materials are really simple and the activity can be super fun for little ones. The buttons are small, so you’ll need to supervise as the little ones use their senses to have fun with this purple sand and heart sensory idea.

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Sensory Bin Supplies

So here are the supplies you will need to create a super cute Valentines sensory bin. These are just suggestions and you can change it up if you like. You could even switch to pink or red sand. It’s totally up to you.

How To Make Your Valentines Sensory Bin

Pour your purple sand into the sensory bin or tray. 

Spread the sand out into an even layer. 

Add your heart cookie cutters to the sensory tray.

Next add pom poms. We used purple and white pom poms. You can choose any colors you want or whatever you have available.

Now to add some colorful buttons to the mix. Yo could use this as a extra activity, Get the kids to count the holes int he buttons and do some basic math and counting as they play!

Add straws and popsicle sticks to your Valentines Day sensory bin.

Place a scoop and a small container in bin. This will enhance the sensory and touch aspect of the sensory bin.

It’s play time! Have fun. Be sure to supervise the little ones and have fun as they discover and feel tactile objects, touch sand and discover a mixture of sand and objects in a fun environment.

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