Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Kids love being creative when it comes to making Halloween crafts and costumes. They can dream up the most fun and exciting things to be each year. Maybe this year, you want to make their costumes. Luckily, creating a costume doesn’t have to be challenging. There are plenty of great homemade costume ideas for kids out there. Below, you’ll find four easy ideas your kids are sure to love.

Knight in Shiny, Aluminum Armor

Many children’s fairy tales involve knights and princesses and fire-breathing dragons. It should come as no surprise that your child wants to be a knight for Halloween this year. Luckily, this costume can come together in no time at all! Grab gray sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt for the clothing component. Cut out a shield and sword from one of the many cardboard boxes you have in the garage and wrap them in aluminum foil. Then, cover their bike helmet in foil to create the knight’s helmet.

Gumball Machine

This costume is bright, colorful, and easy to make. All you need is a red tutu, skirt or pants, a white top, and a bunch of multi-colored pom-poms. Glue the pom-poms in a circular pattern on the shirt and add a 25-cent sign to drive home the theme. Voila! You made a gumball machine costume!

Over the Rainbow (With a Pot of Gold)

Rainbows are a fascination to a lot of kids. They’re bright, beautiful, and fun to find. A rainbow with a pot of gold is a fun and simple costume to make at home. Head to the store to pick up a set of blue sweats to act as the sky. Add colored felt down the sleeves to create a rainbow. Then, spray paint a worn pot gold to build the pot-o-gold that they’ll carry. You can add fun treasures to the pot for an extra touch.

Mad Scientist

Does your child love science? A mad scientist would be the perfect homemade costume for them this Halloween. It’s a simple costume idea to put together; you probably already have all the items in your house. Find a white button-down shirt and include some fun mystery stains to add to the scientist’s “mad” aspect. You can fill plastic beakers or silicone measuring cups with Jell-O. A wig is a fun but not necessary touch to complete the costume.

Of course, these are only a few ideas of the many costumes your kids can dream of. If you know how to sew, the possibilities are endless. Ensure you’re measuring the fabric length correctly and getting your kid’s measurements twice for the perfect fit. Who knows, this could become a new tradition!

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