Easy Crafts Your Kids Can Do This Halloween

Easy Crafts Your Kids Can Do This Halloween

Crafts are a fantastic family activity to try out any time of year. This reconnection feels especially important in the fall, especially as we move toward Thanksgiving and reflect on all we’re thankful for. There are fun fall-themed crafts like making a raccoon that you can do as a family any time in the coming months.

The first fall holiday many people celebrate, though, is Halloween. Kids love Halloween, and there are tons of fun ways to celebrate, including making crafts together. Keep reading to learn about some easy crafts your kids can do this Halloween, from glow-in-the-dark candy crafts to monstrous toilet paper rolls!

Glowing Candy Buckets

While wandering the streets looking for candy is normally not OK, Halloween is the one exception. That doesn’t mean parents don’t worry about kids straying out of sight, however. Keep an eye on your little one by helping them paint their candy bucket with glow-in-the-dark paint.

You can make glow-in-the-dark paint with glowing pigment powder and paint with all your favorite colors. Use a brush to paint the candy bucket, leave it to dry, and you’re ready for a fun, safe night under the stars. If you don’t plan on going out for candy this year, there are still plenty of other exciting glow-in-the-dark Halloween crafts you and your kids can try!

Fluffy, Friendly Ghosts

Ghosts are a Halloween staple, so making a ghost out of craft materials feels like a quintessential Halloween craft. And these ghosts don’t have to be scary either, which makes them perfect for toddlers and preschool students.

All you need is paper, glue, cotton balls, and a marker. Outline a ghost shape on a piece of paper. You can make each ghost shape different for each child or just draw a generic blob. Give each child glue and enough cotton balls to fill in the blob. Younger children may need assistance with gluing, but allowing your kids to place the cotton balls themselves serves as fantastic fine motor skills practice when possible. Cut a face out of more paper, glue the features onto the cotton, and your ghost friend is ready to haunt your house!

Toilet Paper Characters

An empty toilet paper roll is the perfect canvas for your child’s imagination. Collect as many as you want, and you can create any character for play or decoration. You’ll also need markers or paper, depending on whether you want to draw the character’s clothes, fur, or ghoulish features onto the roll or glue them on.

You can add other fun details to the Halloween toilet paper characters as well. For example, you can wrap the roll in yarn or gauze for a mummy effect, add yarn as hair, or glue on googly eyes. Let your little one create anyone they want with this easy craft.

There are many easy crafts your kids can do this Halloween to express their love for all things Halloween. Whichever craft you choose, doing crafts as a family is a great way to connect and celebrate holidays together.

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