Easy Monster Drawing Project For Kids

The kids are going to love these Easy Monster Drawing Project for Kids! It’s a fun way to have a “scary” project that the kids are certain to love. Perfect for Halloween time or just any time of the year that they’re looking for a fun art activity that showcases their creativity and fine motor skills.

Be certain to leave room on the fridge because these are going to be too beautiful and fun to not have hanging up! This monster drawing activity is scary good!

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How to use this easy monster drawing activity

The whole point of this fun activity is to have the kids be creative and color a fun monster. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be a bit wacky with it as well. Within each one of the triangles, have them draw other lines, too. This will make their artwork even more unique and fun than before!

Supplies Needed for this easy monster drawing activity for kids

  • printer
  • white paper
  • black paper
  • crayons
  • black pen
  • scissors
  • glue

How To Create This Monster Activity

 Download the free printable Monster coloring page.

2) Print the monster on white cardstock.

3) Draw rows of lines in each of the separated areas, except for the eyes, teeth and spots. Mix up the angle of the lines however you would like, so that your masterpiece will be one of a kind

4) Color the background and the monster. Use the same colors as mine or choose your own combination.

5) Cut off the excess white border around the picture with a paper cutter or scissors.

6) Glue your finished project to the center of the black cardstock, so that the black frames the art.

7) Display the Halloween decor in your home or give it as a gift.

Download Your Monster Template Here!

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