Gingerbread Man Coloring Page For Kids

Tired of finding new ways to distract your kids so you can get work done around the house? Need a fun activity to keep them occupied and off your hands for a few hours? You needn’t look any further; we have the perfect solution for you. 

Most if not all children enjoy coloring and yours probably does too. It allows them to channel their creativity in a healthy way. Also, coloring can really allow them to engage their brain while teaching them a thing or two. 

This gingerbread man coloring page can be filled with exciting colours the names of which you can teach your kids as they start colouring. Your child can easily use 6-7 different colors to really bring this adorable gingerbread man to life. 

gingerbread man Coloring page

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Fun Christmas Activities For Kids 

The gingerbread man features as a popular decoration and treat for the Christmas season. They’re easily identifiable and a fun figure for children to get used to.

In this activity, since your child will need to draw lines first before they colour it in, they’ll learn about the exact shape of a gingerbread man. Perhaps, in time, they’ll be able to draw a gingerbread man from scratch by themselves.

You can even bake some gingerbread before or after this activity and ask your child to help you. This way they’ll be able to grasp the concept of Christmas-themed sweets as they’re engaged in colouring. 

Since this is a line activity you can even rely on it to give your child some practice for when they’ll need to draw by themselves. 

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Supplies Required For This Gingerbread Man Coloring Page

There are a few supplies that you’ll need in order to make the most out of this colouring page. They’ve all been listed below.

supplies needed for gingerbread man coloring page

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Download this line study and have fun coloring in the different sections of the gingerbread man.

gingerbread man line study

The kids can draw as many or as little lines as they feel. Allow them to get creative and choose the colors they like.

gingerbread line study

Once complete add to backing paper and hang on the wall this wonderful piece of art or you could make it into a calendar or Christmas gift for a family member! Enjoy!

Download Your Gingerbread Man Template Here!

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