Dr Seuss Cindy Lou Line Study

If you’re a fan of Dr Seuss or the story The Grinch then check out this fantastic and fun Cindy Lou coloring page. This Grinch line study is a fun activity that the little ones can enjoy along side the book The Grinch or as a side activity to go alongside the movie The Grinch.

You can use this as a coloring page or as a line study for older kids. Either way, enjoy this fantastic printable and have fun enjoying the spirit of Christmas.

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Who is Cindy Lou Who?

Little Cindy Lou Who is a character from the story The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss.

In the original book and the animated adaptation, Cindy Lou Who comes out of bed for a drink of water when she finds the Grinch, disguised as Santa Claus, stuffing her family’s Christmas tree up the chimney.

Mistaking him for Santa, she innocently asks him why he’s taking the tree. The Grinch, sensing innocence in the young girl, covers up his theft by lying to her, saying that there’s a broken light on the tree and that he was taking it to “his workshop” to fix the problem and then return it on Christmas Day when she wakes up.

Then, the Grinch gets her a cup of water and sends her back to bed, showing the only legitimate kindness that he has in his small heart.

“It was Little Cindy Lou Who, who was no more than two. The Grinch had been caught by this tiny Who daughter.”

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How to use this fun line study!

Download this super fun CIndy Lou Who coloring sheet and print off on your printer. Begin by drawing lines in each section of the paper.

Once the lines are complete you can use crayons, felts or watercolors to color in or paint the cindy lou picture. This is a great opportunity for kids to have fun and practice line drawing at the same time.

This would be a great picture to display in the classroom or on the wall. You may also want to create a binder of line studies as we have plenty of them here on Craft Play learn and your child can collect all the designs and create their own line study journal!

If you have a younger child skip the line drawing and use the cindy lou page for coloring practice.

Either way this is a fun activity for any Grinch and Dr Seuss fans!

Download Your Dr Seuss Cindy Lou Template Here!

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