Shark Crafts For Kids

Sharks capture the imagination of young and old alike, especially every year during Shark Week. So whether you’re looking for a fun Shark Week craft for the kids or just need something creative to keep them occupied this summer, we’ve got you covered with some amazing shark crafts for kids.

The shark crafts range from cute to ferocious, but they’re all adorable and not at all scary. It’s a great way to introduce your kids to these incredible animals and to the importance of taking care of our ocean life. You’ll find simple crafts for toddlers and preschoolers here, but older kids will also enjoy things like the shark keychains, shark binoculars, and LEGO sharks.

Get ready to take a bite out of boredom with one or two of these fantastic shark crafts for kids.

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Fantastic Shark Crafts for Kids

Hammerhead Shark Craft for Preschoolers from Craft Play Learn:

How cute is this hammerhead shark craft? This is a different take on the usual shark craft, and kids find the shark’s shape utterly fascinating. The template makes this craft super easy for little kids, and you still get the freehand creative element of painting the water background for the shark.

hammer head shark craft

DIY Shark Keychains from The Inspiration Edit:

Crafting with Hama beads is a fun way to work on fine motor skills. These shark keychains make fabulous backpack bling or gifts for the family. Have one for the Daddy Shark, Mama Shark, and Baby Sharks in your family. The keychain also makes a fantastic Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gift from kids.

diy shark keychains

Easy Paper Shark Craft from Simple Everyday Mom:

Speaking of Daddy Shark, this is a fun Father’s Day craft as well, but it’s suitable anytime you’d like to make a shark or when you’re studying ocean animals. Since it’s made entirely from paper, this is a simple craft to do with a group of kids.

easy paper shark craft for kids

Shark Binoculars from Pink Stripey Socks:

These super cute shark binoculars would be a fantastic craft to make before a beach trip or just for fun. Save those toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to create a set for each of the kids!

shark binoculars

Shark Week Simple Paper Shark Craft from I Heart Crafty Things:

You only need three materials—colored cardstock, googly eyes, and a chalk marker—to make this fantastic craft. Talk about simple!

shark week simple paper craft

Pool Noodle Shark Craft from Moms and Crafters:

Dollar Store pool noodles are the perfect crafting material to make some fantastic sharks. They’d make fun decorations for a summer pool party, too.

pool noodle shark craft

Mixed Media Shark Craft from Messy Little Monster:

You’ll get to use lots of different materials to make this spectacular shark craft. Use the printable template to make the shark, and then add tissue paper seaweed, real seashells, and more to create a complete ocean scene.

mixed media shark craft

Egg Carton Shark from Crafts by Ria:

Recycle egg cartons that you’d normally throw out. It’s a creative way to teach kids about recycling while making a fun little shark to play with. You could even insert a craft stick at the bottom to make a shark puppet.

egg carton shark

Juice Box Sharks from Natural Beach Living:

These shark juice boxes make a fun party favor for a pool party, but you could also use the idea with empty juice boxes, too. These sharks even have little fish in their mighty jaws!

juice box sharks

Lego Sharks from Little Bins for Little Hands: 

For kids who love hands-on activities like building with blocks, this LEGO shark will be a fun project. Build sharks in all sorts of colors!

lego sharks

Chomping Shark Craft from The Soccer Mom Blog:

Let kids use their sharks to gobble up tiny pretend fish with this chomping shark craft made with craft sticks, rubber bands, and a foam shark. It’ll make an exciting DIY toy for shark week!

chomping shark craft

Newspaper Shark from I Heart Crafty Things:

The exciting thing about this newspaper shark is that it’s easy to customize according to each child’s preferences. What kind of face will you make? A fearsome shark? A happy one? It’s another terrific craft to encourage recycling since it’s made from newspapers.

newspaper shark

Shark Cootie Catcher from Easy Peasy and Fun:

You probably played with these cootie catchers, or fortune-tellers, when you were a kid. This one’s a little different, though. You won’t be predicting your future; you’ll be creating a fabulous shark craft and toy that the kids will have a blast playing with. They’ll love this easy origami craft.

shark cootie catcher

Rocking Paper Shark Craft from Hello, Wonderful:

Work on fine motor skills by cutting and gluing tissue paper squares to this cool rocking shark craft.

rocking paper shark craft

Shark Suncatcher from Buggy and Buddy:

Here’s a shark craft that’s perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids. The shark suncatcher is a neat way to brighten up your windows for Shark Week.

shark suncatcher

Circle Shark Craft from Our Kid Things:

These toothy sharks don’t look scary at all! Made mostly from simple circles, the pieces are easy for your preschooler to cut out and put together independently.

circle shark craft

Shark Sensory Bottle from Modern Mom Life:

Make a calming shark sensory bottle with sparkling blue color. The bottle is easy enough for kids to put together themselves, and they’ll love watching the glitter fall through the liquid.

shark sensory bottle

Paper Plate Sharks from Kids Activities Blog:

Don’t you love paper plate crafts? They’re so simple and fun, and you probably have paper plates in the cupboard right now. These sharks are super easy—a little paint, colored paper, and googly eyes are all you need to finish it.

paper plate sharks

Toilet Roll Shark Craft from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops:

This basic toilet roll craft is easy enough for kids of all ages. Use paint or colored paper to cover the toilet roll tube, then add fins, googly eyes, and you’re all set.

toilet roll shark craft

Christmas Sharks from Our Kid Things:

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in July or are just living in a part of the world where it’s warm in December, this Christmas shark is a different take on traditional holiday crafts. Don’t they look silly and fun?

christmas sharks

Paper Plate Woven Sharks from Kids’ Craft Room:

Learning to sew is a valuable skill for kids, as it helps build fine motor skills, so try this shark-themed beginner sewing activity today!

paper plate woven sharks

Shark Surfboard Craft from Artsy Momma:

Cowabunga! This surfboard craft is sure to get kids excited about sharks. Use an old cereal box or cardboard box as the base for this craft.

shark surfboard craft

Origami Shark Corner Bookmark from Kids Activities Blog:

Encourage young readers by making creative bookmarks to keep the pages in their favorite books. If your child enjoys origami, this shark corner bookmark is a winner!

origami shark corner bookmark

There you have it—a terrific list of shark crafts to make with your kids. Which ones are on your to-do list?

shark crafts for preschoolers

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