Jellyfish Craft Ideas For Kids

Jellyfish Craft Ideas For Kids

J is for Jelly fish and these Jelly fish arts and crafts are a great way to get kids excited about the letter J. These letter J crafts are fun and easy to make and make great ocean crafts when studying an under the sea unit.

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Kids learn better when things are fun. These letter J crafts are a great way to get kids interested in this week’s letter. Using Jelly fish crafts, kids are going to love making these super cute jelly fish.

Jellyfish Crafts Preschool Kids Will Love

Jelly Fish Painted Rock from The Inspiration Edit – These Jelly fish rocks are perfect for kids who want a simple and inexpensive craft idea. Create a whole ocean scene by painting easy jelly fish painted rocks.

Jellyfish Shell Craft from Craft Play Learn – We always love to collect shells when we go to the beach. With this jelly fish craft, you will repurpose the shells into jelly fish.

jellyfish craft made with a seashell and felt

Jellyfish Paper Craft from Craft Play Learn – If you want to create an underwater theme for kids, this paper jelly fish is a must.

jellyfish craft for kids

Coffee Filter Jellyfish from Look Were Learning- I love when crafts use everyday household items, and this coffee filter jellyfish is one of the easiest crafts to make.

Handprint Jellyfish Craft from Our Kids Things- Handprint crafts are always a treat for kids and kids will love making these fun handprint and cupcake liner jellyfish.

Cupcake Liner & Handprint Jellyfish Sea Craft

Rainbow Jellyfish Puppet Craft from Sunshine Whispers- Kids love puppets and this fun rainbow jellyfish are fun to make.

Hanging Jellyfish Craft from Glue Sticks And Gum Drops – This hanging jellyfish is easy to make and kids will love hanging it around their rooms.

This hanging jellyfish craft is easy to make -- the perfect activity for an ocean study unit or just for fun

Egg Carton Jellyfish Puppets from The Art Kit Blog – These tiny egg carton jellyfish are easy to make and the kids will love making a collection of jellyfish to play with all afternoon.

Scissor Skills Jellyfish Craft from Easy Peasy And Fun – This fun summer craft is a great way for kids to learn and practice their scissors skills.

Colorful Jellyfish Craft For Kids from I Heart Crafty Things- This simple colorful jellyfish craft uses simple items you already have around the house.

Glow In The Dark Jellyfish Craft from Little Bins For Little Hands – These jellyfish are not only fun to make, but it also glows in the dark.

Cardboard Tube Jellyfish from Crafts From Amanda- This jellyfish uses a foam ball and a cardboard tube. It will make a fun ocean themed decoration.

Ribbon Jellyfish Craft from Arty Crafty Kids – Ribbons are a fun way to change up your jelly fish crafts. Using ribbons as the tentacles, this jellyfish looks adorable.

DIY Jellyfish Party Craft from the Suburban Mom- This Jellyfish is perfect to use as a party craft as well as a J is for Jellyfish arts and craft.

Jellyfish Suncatcher from I Heart Arts & Crafts – Sun catchers are fun for kids to make and they look great too.

Recycled Yogurt Cup Jellyfish from Artsy Momma- I love upcycled crafts and this recycled yogurt cup jellyfish is adorable. This is simple to make and kids will love threading the beads on the tentacles.

Paper plate Jellyfish Craft from About A Mom – These paper plate jellyfish are fun to make. Using colored plates or white plates that the kids can paint, the kids will love this jellyfish craft.

Hand Sewn Jellyfish Craft from The Craft Train- Sewing is a skill that everyone should know and this hand sewn jelly fish is a fun way for kids to learn a basic stitch.

Easy Paper Jellyfish Craft from Our Kid Things- With these easy jellyfish craft made from paper kids can create an underwater paradise.

Rainbow Jellyfish Craft from Crafts From Amanda – These fun rainbow jellyfish are made using foam balls and pipe cleaners.

Paper Plate Swimming Jellyfish Craft from I Heart Crafty Things- While many of these jellyfish are great for hanging, this is a fun jellyfish that can swim back and forth on the plate.

Recycled CD Jellyfish from Fireflies And Mudpies- Upcycled and recycled crafts are always my favorites and with this jellyfish craft, you are using a recycled cd.


Paperbag Jellyfish Craft from Crafts On Sea- Using a paper bag, this Jelly fish takes on a slightly different look. This is a simple recycled craft idea.

More Ocean Themed Crafts For Kids

Did you enjoy this list of crafts? Why not busy with some more fun and interesting ones? I’ve listed some below for you to pick from!

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