Easy Crab Craft Ideas For Kids

No matter what reason you are using crab crafts, I have the best crab craft ideas. These are all easy to make and use very few craft supplies. Using supplies from around the house, the kids will love these simple to make crab craft ideas.

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Easy Craft Crab Ideas For Kids

Crab Painted Rock from The Inspiration Edit – This adorable crab craft ideas for painted rock is perfect for kids and adults. Simple to make, these crab rocks can be used as decorations inside and outside or use the rock to hide for others to find.

Paper Crab Weave Craft from The Inspiration Edit – Weaving is a great skill for kids to learn. Using the weaving skills kids are learning, make this paper crab weave craft.

DIY Wooden Egg Crab Craft from Craft Play Learn- Using a wooden egg, kids can create this simple craft. So cute, the crab can be used as a toy or as a decoration.

easy crab craft for preschool kids

Easy Crab Craft For Kids from Craft Play Learn – Whether you are teaching kids about sea life or reading books about crabs, assemble this easy crab. Kids can play along and use this crab craft for kids as a puppet.

easy crab craft for kids

Paper Circle Crab Craft from Easy Peasy And Fun- Isn’t this crab craft the cutest thing? This paper circle crab circle is absolutely adorable and very easy to make.

The age doesn’t matter, it is the fun which attracts everyone, even the parents may
indulge in the fun-loving activity. The easy crab craft are attractive for kids due to their
coloring and funny shapes. You can make this funny shape crabs by using the craft paper.

Shell Crab Magnet Craft from Red Ted Art- If you love crabs, you are going to love these shell crab magnets. These little crabs are great for magnets or use them for decorations.

Easy Bottle Top Crab Craft from Craft Play Learn – If you love to recycled or upcycled crafts, this bottle cap crab is so fun to make.

Rockin Paper Plate Crabs from Kids Craft Room- These adorable paper plate crabs can be used as puppets. The claws even open and close.

Paper Plate Craft Craft from I Heart Crafty Things – Another paper plate craft, this simple craft craft is great to use along side any type of crab book.

Coffee Filter Crab from Look Were Learning- This fun craft page is made using a coffee filter and construction paper. It is a simple craft. perfect for all ages.

Rock Crabs from Our Kid Things- Kids love painting rocks and these simple rock crabs are perfect. Kids can save the rocks or use them to hide for others to find.

Paper Plate Crab from Pastels And Macarons- Another fun paper plate craft, this crab is made with very little supplies. With just a paper plate, construction paper and pipe cleaners, kids will love making this crab.

Cute Crab Paper Hats from Kids Craft Room- This cute crab paper hat is so adorable. The kids will love assembling the hat and then wearing it around the house.

Ocean Crab Craft from Simply Today Life- This fun crab can be used as a puppet . Made slightly different than the other paper plate, this crab is simple to make.

Clay Crab Necklace Craft from Hello Wonderful- Using clay, this simple crab necklace will harden and can be worn over and over again. This is even something that can be given as a gift.

Easy Handprint Crab Craft from Simple Everyday Mom- I love this easy to make handprint craft. Kids love to make crafts using handprints, and I love seeing how small their hands were.

Paper Cup Crab Craft from Easy Peasy And Fun – This crab is great to make if you have a few red cups paying around. You can also paint the cups if you do not have red.

Styrofoam Cup Sea Crabs from Crafts By Amanda- Keep the styrofoam out of the oceans and make crafts with them instead. These fun crabs can be played with for hours after the kids make them.

Hermit Crab Craft from Craft Play Learn – Kids will love learning about hermit crabs with this simple craft. Use this to paper craft to teach kids all about hermit crabs, including body parts.

how to make a hermit crab craft with kids

Paper Roll Crab Craft from Easy Peasy And Fun – Paper rolls are great craft supply because so many things can be made with them, including this fun crab.

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