Amazing Ocean Animal Crafts For Kids

Amazing Ocean Animal Crafts For Kids

Today I have a super fun creative idea to share for making your own set of Ocean Animal Crafts.

Teaching kids about the ocean and the sea creatures which live both in the deep and close to shore can be really fun and it was always one of my favourite topics when working in the preschool setting.

Today we have 6 Sea life creature crafts to share and I’ve created a fun tutorial for each one.

Scroll down and click through to learn how to make each of these super cute wooden sea life crafts. This can be so much fun and only uses a few supplies.

So what are you waiting for, visit each Ocean craft tutorial and download the free ocean sea animals template today! Enjoy!

DIY Ocean Crafts For Kids

This is a great art activity for kids in the classroom or preschool setting or as a homeschool activity. If your studying an ocean unit you will love this crafty idea or why not make these eggs as a Summer holiday project.

Visit The DIY Crab Craft Tutorial

You will love this adorable and cute DIY Crab craft. The tutorial is simple to follow and this happy crab themed craft is quite cute. you could make a whole family of crabs with the little ones.

Crab Craft For Kids

Visit The DIY Killer Whale Craft Tutorial

The Killer Whale is the most dangerous whale in the deep ocean. Why not create this Killer Whale craft with the little ones whilst teaching them all about this amazing creature.

Killer Whale Craft For Kids

Visit The DIY Sea Turtle Craft Tutorial

This super cute Sea Turtle is a great craft idea for the little ones. Visit the tutorial and learn about Giant Sea Turtles here.

Giant Sea Turtle Craft For Kids

Visit The DIY Blue Whale Craft Tutorial

The Blue Whale is the largest animal known to ever exist. Create this super easy W is for whale craft today with the little ones.

Blue Whale Craft For Kids

Visit The DIY Puffer Fish Craft Tutorial

A Puffer Fish also known as a Blow Fish is poisonous and has spikes used to protect itself from other sea creatures. Check out the Puffer Fish craft tutorial here!

Puffer Fish Craft For Kids

Visit The Ocean Fish Craft Tutorial

Last but not least we have this super cute ocean fish craft idea. Enjoy this fun activity with the little ones as you learn more about fish that live and swim in the ocean.

Ocean Fish Craft For Kids

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For More Ocean Crafts…. Why not check out these super fun ocean creatures art projects!

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