Canvas Painting Idea Using Pumpkin Seeds

As the pumpkin season is in full swing it’s a great time to create a Canvas painting idea using pumpkin seeds. Let the kids discover this easy and colorful fall craft by dipping seeds and creating a rainbow of colors.

Dip the seeds in color then with the help of your little fingers create a rainbow and your Art is ready… Its easy! Just follow the simple step by step instructions given below and you’;; will soon be amazed at the Art you have created.

PUMPKIN-SEED-art -canvas painting

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Enjoy pumpkin seeds canvas painting

Canvas painting using pumpkin seeds will provide children with opportunities to explore, experiment, discover and create.

Key development skills which can be built through this activity includes :

  • Motor skills
  • Cognitive development
  • language development
  • visual processing
  • Inventiveness

This activity will help your kid to develop a sense of achievement and pride. It will boost their self-confidence as they have fun and learn about color.

While creating this Rainbow canvas allow the kids to make their own choices and make mistakes. There is no perfect way to paint.

It is also a great way for kids to work alongside adults and friends, developing communication and social skills whilst having fun!

pumpkin seeds fun facts

Here are few fun facts for your kid to make the activity more interesting and fun filled

  1. Each pumpkin has about 500 seeds
  2. Native Americans used to use pumpkin seeds for food and medicine.
  3. Strips of pumpkins were also dried and made into mats.
  4. Pumpkins can be found in orange, red, white, yellow, blue and green color.
  5. Pumpkin seeds can be eaten as snacks.
  6. National Pumpkin Day is celebrated every Oct on the 26th.

So what are you waiting for just get started there is no better way to decorate you kids room with his own art creation.

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supplies REQUIRED for pumpkin seed canvas painting

If you have saved the seeds while carving JACK-o’-lantern then use them but if pumpkin seeds aren’t available in your house then you can buy them or use any other seeds besides it, all the items listed down is easily available in our houses.

pumpkin seed painting supplies

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How To Paint on a canvas using pumpkin seeds

first step is we need to set up our work areas

Gather all the supplies listed above and set up your work area then set your canvas to create your magical rainbow using pumpkin seeds.

For this kids art project we painted directly on paper, however this is a simple canvas art project and would look great on paper or canvas.

painting a rainbow using pumpkin seeds

second step is to pour the colors

Pour about a teaspoon of each paint color onto a plate. Leave space between paint colors. 

pour finger paints onto a paper plate

third step is to dip seeds in color

This is an interesting step where you need to dip all the seeds in different colors, make sure one seed is dipped into each paint color

fourth step is to create our rainbow

The child will grasp the pumpkin seed in the order of the rainbow and create an arch with each paint color until a rainbow has been created! 

This is a fun and easy way to get kids loving art and a great opportunity to teach little ones the basic colors of the rainbow.

If you don’t have all the rainbow colors, then simply make sure you have the primary colors, red, yellow and blue and you could then experiment with kids and create the colors together.

fifth step is to dry our painting

Allow the paint to dry to completely and its READY! show it to your grandparents, friends and whoever you wish to.

If you don’t have pumpkin seeds, you could use other seeds or items from the home. This is a great activity for fall when you have plenty of seeds left over after carving those pumpkins.

Here Add a Create Card/ Using Blocks

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