Painted Pencil Craft for Young Kids

Whether you are looking for a brain break in the classroom or something to do with your child at home, this Painted Pencil Craft is fun and easy. What I love about it is that it gives kids a chance to be creative and personalize what they use all the time. With some paint and glitter, kids can turn those cheap yellow pencils into stylish glitter pencils.

Pencil Craft

At what age should a child hold a pencil properly?

One of the best things about this craft is that it encourages younger learners to use their pencils. Writing, doodling, and drawing builds those fine motor skills that help them throughout life.

However, keep in mind that most children do not have the fine motor skills to hold a pencil properly until the age of 4. Even at 4, they will use all 5 fingers to grip the pencil.

You should expect your child to be able to hold a pencil correctly between the ages of 5 and 6. They may still want to revert back to using their whole hand, but gripping becomes easier for them at this age.

What’s Needed for this Pencil Craft

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Pencil Craft

Painted Pencil Craft Directions

Brush one coat of paint over each pencil and let dry.

Add another coat of paint on each pencil and sprinkle glitter on some or all of
the pencils.

Let them dry.

Pencil Craft

This is a fun school craft and one the kids will love.

Pencil Craft

Use Your Pencils

Once kids have finished making these creative pencils, it’s only fair to test them out! Here are a few printable worksheets you can do after you finish your pencils:

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