Recycled Egg Carton Crafts

20 Recycled Egg Carton Crafts For Kids

Today we have a fantastic list of recycled carton crafts for kids. When I was in kindergarten or Nursery school as they call it in the UK, I recall the parents bringing in recycled items from the home. These were always used in the arts and crafts area and we designed some amazing creations.

The best egg carton creation my daughter ever made was a cute little owl which I treasured for many years. It was so darling and I remember those days of creating and using the imagination with fondness. I hope you enjoy this fantastic list of egg carton crafts which are on Craft Play Learn today!

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Recycled Egg Carton Crafts

DIY Flower Crown from

You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can transform an old egg carton into a beautiful flower crown- perfect for springtime!

Spring Chicks Egg Carton Craft from

Super cute and fun to make, to make these spring chicks, you’ll just need a couple of old egg cartons, some paint and a few other craft essentials you probably already have!

Egg Carton Turtle from

An egg carton can’t get cuter than this! Use it to make these fun turtles- perfect for when you’re teaching your little one about this sea creature!

Egg Carton Ladybug from

Looking for a fun ladybug themed activity to keep your little one busy? This is the one! All you’ll need is a few sheets of construction paper, old egg cartons and some paint!

Egg Carton Flowers from

Recycled crafts are the best, and these beautiful flowers are made using old egg cartons! You definitely gotta give this a try with your little one!

Egg Carton Whale Kids Craft from

Teaching your little one about sea creatures and animals? Take it all up a notch and get him to try this super fun craft activity that uses old egg cartons to make a whale.

Egg Carton Jewellery Box from

Ready to teach your little one about the concept of best out of waste? This craft activity is the perfect way to do just that. You’ll be using an old egg carton to create a beautiful jewellery box!

Easy Egg Carton Bunny Rabbit from

Whether it is Easter or just your little one fond of bunny rabbits- you gotta give this fun egg carton activity a shot!

Egg Carton Mask from

Time to go beyond paper plates and try something a bit different for your kiddo! These egg carton masks are so much fun to make too!

Easy Egg Carton Art On Canvas from

Getting your kid to try a nice DIY project that he can then use to decorate his room or gift to someone? This easy egg carton art project is just that!

Cherry Blossom Branch from

Love cherry blossoms? Get your little one to try this incredibly beautiful yet easy craft project on a lazy afternoon!

Egg Carton Turkeys Craft from

Whether it is Thanksgiving or not, we promise you this craft activity is super fun! All you need is some old egg cartons and a few other essentials to recreate these cute looking turkeys!

Egg Carton Frog from

Teaching your little one about frogs? Give this super easy and fun craft activity a try with him to make his learning experience even more interactive.

Sunflower Egg Carton Craft from

So beautiful, yet so incredibly easy to work on- that’s what this egg carton craft is all about. Get your little one to try it on a lazy afternoon and you’re sorted.

Bee Craft from

Time to introduce your little one to the amazing world of insects- this bee craft uses just a few supplies to make.

Beehive & Bumble Bee from

And here’s yet another super incredible bee craft that will keep your little one engaged and busy for some time.

Egg Carton Bunny from

Egg carton crafts are super easy and fun, and these bunny versions are perfect in time for easter. Plus, they hold the candy too!

Flower Bouquet from

And here’s yet another flower craft activity you can try using old egg cartons- perfect for kids to get started on and get their hands dirty (in paint)!

Dragon Craft from

Teaching your kid about the Chinese New Year? This dragon craft activity is perfect- and best of all, it just uses old egg cartons!

Pirate Treasure Chest from

Does your little one love learning about pirates? Why not make it better by getting him to try this fun treasure chest craft that he can use for pretend play too!

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