Easy Kids Color Matching Printable

Easy Kids Color Matching Printable

Ready to teach colors? This easy kids color matching printable helps kids learn their colors and makes it fun at the same time. Kids will love matching the colored bugs to the color words.

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At What Age Do Children Learn Colors?

While kids start to notice the difference in colors around the age of 18 months, it takes longer to for them to be able to name the colors. Around the age of 3, kids should be able to name at least 1 or 2 colors when they see it.

If you want to use this printable to teach colors before kids are able to read, you can color the words with the color. For example, the word blue can be colored in so that even young toddlers who can not read yet can still complete the puzzle.

What Are The Three Primary Colors?

The 3 primary colors yellow, blue and red. These are the basic colors that are used to make every other color. Red and yellow are used to make orange. Red and blue are used to make purple. Blue and yellow are used to make green.

How To Teach Color To Toddlers

Teaching colors to toddlers might seem like a tricky skill. The best way to teach toddlers and preschoolers colors is to make it fun. Learning doesn’t always have to be sitting and learning. Make it a game and kids will love to learn. This printable is a great way to make learning fun my having kids match the colored bugs to the colors.

How To Use This Colors Printable

Once you have printed out the color printables, you can decide if you want to use the paper as is or if you want to laminate it to make it last longer. Carefully cut the bugs colors apar. If you are teaching scissor skills at the same time, you can have the kids cut out the sides of the puzzle pieces. Then kids can match the colored bugs to the correct color.

Download your colors printable here.

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