Free Alphabet Puzzle For Toddlers

Probably one of the first activities you would introduce to your toddler is identification of letters, and alphabet puzzles are just the perfect way to do that. So here’s a little something to help you with that.

Read on to discover and get your hands on a free alphabet puzzle for toddlers and children. It can be a fun learning activity you could get started on, and polish up your little one’s knowledge about the language too.

alphabet puzzle match

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Teaching Kids The Alphabet

Teaching children the letters and sounds of the alphabet is an important and basic skill and the building blocks for reading. This fun alphabet puzzle for toddlers allows them to enjoy an activity whilst recognizing and learning the letters of the alphabet.

How To Use The Alphabet Puzzle for Toddlers

These simple alphabet puzzles are really easy to use. Each alphabet strip has 3 images. Each of the three images represents a letter of the Alphabet.

Simply join all the images together for each letter to complete the puzzle. For example, Ant, Ambulance and Apple all begin with the letter Find the three pictures to complete the puzzle.

Continue doing this for all the letters of the alphabet.

Download Your Free Alphabet Puzzle Alphabet Printable Here!

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