Butterfly Sudoku Printable For Kids

This Butterfly Sudoku Printable For Kids is a great way to help kids learn how to play Sudoku and make it fun. With this simple version of Sudoku will help kids learn how to play this logic puzzle game.

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Butterfly Sudoku Printable For Kids

When homeschooling kids or looking for something fun to keep kids busy, this printable Butterfly Sudoku for kids is a great idea. This puzzle is made with teaching kids in mind. Pair it with the other Sudoku for kids to create a Sudoku book for kids.

How To Play Sudoku

When playing Sudoku, the goal is to get one of each symbol or number in each row and each square with no duplicates. When you start the puzzle, there are a few pieces of information, whether it is numbers or pictures, that are filled in. This is to give you a jump start on where to start. Search for a row or square that you can figure out what is missing. Once you fill in some of the spaces, this lets you be able to figure out what goes in the next empty set.

Easy Sudoku Puzzles For Kids

While most Sudoku puzzles would be too difficult for young kids, this simple Butterfly Sudoku is the perfect level for preschool age children. With only a few spaces open and colorful pictures instead of numbers, kids of very young ages can learn how to complete a Sudoku puzzle.

Printable Sudoku For Kids

Since many of the Sudoku puzzles available are meant for adults, it can be hard to find sudoku for kids. With this printable sudoku for kids, you can have simple printable puzzles for kids. This version is a simplified Sudoku puzzle for kids that is much easier than the traditional number versions.

Download Your Free Butterfly Sudoku Printable Here

Click the Buttery Sudoku Printable link above to download the Sudoku puzzle. Then print the puzzle sheet for kids to play. Once the puzzle is printed, kids will cut the bottom puzzle pieces off and can place the butterflies in the empty space or glue it into place.

If you’re child is interested in butterflies or you’re doing a unit study on butterflies, insects or caterpillars in the classroom then you may want to make this fun clothespin butterfly craft.

butterfly craft idea for children using a clothes peg

We also have a fantastic list of Butterfly books for preschool kids to enjoy! Why not check them out!

butterfly books for kids

Here Are More Kids Printable Sudoku Puzzles

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butterfly sudoku printable for kids

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