Brilliant Butterfly Books For Preschoolers

Brilliant Butterfly Books For Preschoolers

Today we are sharing some amazing butterfly books here on Craft Play Learn. Butterflies are amazing creatures and we love to read about butterflies, sing butterfly songs and create fantastic butterfly crafts.

When a child has an interest in an insect such as the butterfly, parents and teachers can use this interest to help educate their kids.

Reading butterfly themed stories and books to kids and with kids is one fantastic way to help improve literacy skills whilst having fun…and a great way to start a conversation or unit study on butterflies, insects and bugs.

butterfly books for kids

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Why Do Kids Read Out Loud?

Reading books with children has many benefits and one of the great things to do is have a child read out loud? But why?

Well, when a child reads a book out loud, they are able to express language and connect with the experiences of others. Thinking out loud and reading out loud allows children to develop better comprehension skills and strategies that will be needed as they grow older.

Butterfly Books For Preschool Kids

Here are some fabulous butterfly themed books that the kids will love! Which is your favourite?

My Oh My A Butterfly

If you’re a fan of Dr Seuss style books then you may just love this butterfly rhyming book by Tish rabe. It’s a great story and full of rhythm and pace.

my oh my i'm a butterfly by dr seuss

Caterpillar to Butterfly

This national geographic kids book is a great children’s book for teaching about the lifecycle of a caterpillar to butterfly.

caterpillar-butterfly book for kids

Ten Magic Butterflies

The Magic Butterflies is a fun and magical story which little boys and girls will enjoy reading at mat time or in the home.

ten magic butterflies book for kids

Butterfly A Book Of Colors

This colorful butterfly book teaches about both the butterfly and about color and this is a fantastic story to read with the little ones.

a book of colors butterfly book for kids

The Butterfly

The Butterfly by Patricia Polacco is a Great story for older kids and one that teaches about friendship and kindness.

the butterfly book for kids

In the Butterfly Garden

If you haven’t read in the butterfly garden, then you’re in for a treat. This delightful and ingenious pop-up book traces a caterpillar’s evolution from lowly cocoon to magnificent winged butterfly.

butterfly garden book for kids to read about butterflies

I Spy A Butterfly

I spy a butterfly is a great book to read with the little ones and a great story to read before going into the garden to hunt for butterflies and insects.

i spy a butterfly book for kids to read

Where Butterflies Grow

This butterfly book is quite educational and helps children to better understand how the butterfly grows and shares the story of the black tailed butterfly

where butterflies grow a kids book about butterflies

How To Hide A Butterfly

This children’s butterfly book is full of rhymes and describes in detail how different insects camouflage themselves in order to avoid predators and danger.

how to hide a butterfly a book for kids about butterflies

A Butterfly Is Patient

A butterfly is patient and this story shares exactly why. This is a great story and a good kids book to help teach the value of patience.

a butterfly book for kids called a butterfly is patient

Velma Gratch And The Way Cool Butterfly

Read about Velma’s trip to a butterfly garden in this really interesting butterfly book for kids. This would make a good story to read before you go on your own adventure to a local butterfly gardens.

velma gratch and the way cool butterfly a book for kids about a butterfly character

The Butterfly Book: A Kids Guide to Attracting, Raising And Keeping Butterflies

The butterfly book is a kids guide to attracting and caring for butterflies. It’s a great informative book and can lead to some fun adventures and exploration with the kids.

the butterfly book a kids guide to attracting raising and keeping butterflies

Fly Monarch Fly

Fly Monarch Fly, tells the story of a monarch butterfly and it’s one the preschool kids will love to hear over and over again.

fly monarch fly kids book on butterflies

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

Who doesn’t love The Very Hungry Caterpillar? I sure love this story and can read it over and over again with the little ones. We love this Eric Carle book about how the very hungry caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.

the very hungry caterpillar book

Inch by Inch

Inch by Inch is a fantastic butterfly book for kids and a fun one by any measure. Enjoy reading this butterfly story with the kids at mat time or in the home.

inch by inch a book about butterflies for children to read


I’ve included Caterplillars by Marilyn Singer in this butterfly book list as it shares the lifespan of the caterpillar who eventually becomes a beautiful butterfly.

caterpillars that turn into butterflies book

The Caterpillar That Wanted To Reach The Sun

This fun story is a great book and one that can help children better understand the role of the butterfly once it has grown from caterpillar to flying insect.

the caterpillar that wanted to reach the sun, a book for preschoolers about butterflies

Thomas The Ugly Caterpillar

The ugly caterpillar is a great kids story and one similar to the story of the ugly ducking. Read this butterfly book with the kids and they will love the ending!

Thomas the ugly cateroillar who turns into a beautiful butterfly book for children to read

The Great Butterfly Hunt

Now I really enjoy the butterfly hunt story. This is a fun kids book and not too difficult to read with very young kids.

the great butterfly hunt a fun kids book with butterflies in it

A Tale of Two Caterpillars

The tale of two caterpillars is a great story for sharing how this insect transform into a beautiful butterfly.

a tale of two butterflies kids reading book

You may also be interested in the following book lists for preschool kids

I sure hope you love these butterfly books for preschoolers!

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childrens books about butterflies

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