Rainbow in a Jar Art Project

I love doing crafts with my kids, but I like crafts that will last for longer than a day. Paper crafts tend to get torn up, but this Rainbow in a jar can last for years. Not only is it creative and fun, but it is a great way to introduce science to your preschooler.

Rainbow in a Jar

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(This is a great way to teach about how making the colors orange and purple with primary colors)

Rainbow in a Jar Supplies


Measure an 1/8 cup of salt. Pour into plastic bag.

Repeat this process 5 more times for each color of the rainbow.

Add ten drops of red food coloring to the first bag. Zip bag and mix together with your fingers well, blending colors with salt until all salt is colored.

For the orange bag, add five drops red and five drops of yellow food coloring. Repeat step above and mix.

Add ten drops of yellow food coloring to the third bag. Mix well.

Add ten drops of green food coloring to the fourth bag. Mix well.

Add ten drops of blue food coloring to the fifth bag. Mix well.

Add eight drops of red and two drops of blue food coloring to the sixth bag. Mix well.

When all salt is colored, open bags and set aside. Allow salt to dry for easier pouring.

Once dry, use the funnel to add salt to the jar in order of the rainbow colors.

Gently shake the jar to even out each salt layer after pouring.

Once the rainbow layers are complete place the lid on the jar.

Rainbow in a Jar

Your rainbow craft and salt jar is now complete. This is such a fun way to teach kids about the rainbow and about different colors whilst teaching basic science. How fun!

Rainbow in a Jar

You may be interested in our Rainbow themed printables to go alongside this project! Check them out! We have a fantastic rainbow coloring page!

Rainbow in a Jar

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