Pizza Fractions Worksheets For Kids

Who says you have to wait until elementary school to learn about fractions? Even your little preschooler can understand the concept of fractions with these pizza fractions worksheets. No kid is too young to start learning about fractions especially when food is involved in the learning process. When I taught my now teenage daughter about fraction, we went straight to the kitchen.

pizza fractions worksheets

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What Do I Get With These Pizza Fractions Worksheets?

These worksheets offer kids a chance to practice fractions without confusing them. Here’s what they will learn:

  • Kids will learn the fraction 1/2. They will learn how to divide the pizza in half no matter how it is cut.
  • They will learn about 1/4 and cutting a pizza into fourths.
  • Kids will learn about thirds. They will be able to divide the pizza into 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3.

Other Ways to Teach Fractions

You can use these sheets alone, or you can combine them with other activities. Here are a few other ways you can teach fractions:

  • Use a real pizza! Kids love pizza and you can practice cutting it into fractions just like they did on these worksheets.
  • Emphasize fractions with a fraction song on Youtube!
  • Use colored blocks to learn more fractions and new fractions.
  • Practice using measuring cups to make things in the kitchen to teach the concept of fractions.
pizza fractions

Download Your Pizza Fraction Worksheets Here!

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