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Whether you’re trying to introduce autumn and other different seasons to your little one or are getting him familiar with different animals, using some simple activity sheets can be a fun way to do just that.

And guess what? I have them here for you for free! Scroll down to get your hands on a bunch of fun and educative autumn animals activity sheets for your toddler that he can get started on right away.

Packed with 9 fun pages that include coloring sheets of different autumn animals, a word search and a word scramble, there’s a lot to keep your toddler busy!

Using the Autumn Animals Activity Sheets

From hedgehogs to foxes, autumn is the perfect time to spot and discover more animals, and before you actually get started on the activity sheets, here’s helping you with a few tips and tricks to actually put them to use.

  • After your little one is done with a coloring sheet, you can sit down with him and discover more about the animal he’s picked. For instance, if it is the red fox, you could look up some fun facts revolving around them, and talk about them to your toddler.
  • Word scrambles can be a bit tricky for toddlers, depending on the age group, so you might need to be there to help your little one or drop a few hints along the way.
  • It also makes sense to get him familiar with the autumn animals first before you actually get started on these activities. You can do this with a YouTube video or a good children’s book.
  • For a word hunt, you can actually make it even more fun by turning it into a scavenger hunt. For every word that your little one finds within the jumbled letters, he needs to hunt for the autumn item associated with it in your home (or outdoors if you’re with him).

The idea behind using these printables, crafts and activities is that they stimulate your child’s imagination and educate him while still being fun.

Some More Activity Ideas

Looking for more fun animal themed crafts for your toddler to team up along with these printables? Here are some quick links for you- so you don’t have to go hunting!

As you have probably noticed, there’s also an autumn reading book list for you to check out- perfect for your little one who’s an avid reader, or if you’re trying to develop a bedtime reading routine for him.

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autumn animals activity sheets

Download Your Free Autumn Activity Sheets Here

Did your little one love these printables? What if I told you there’s a lot more for you to download?

Keep scrolling to get your hands on more such fun and interactive printables for your little one revolving around all the letters of the alphabet- perfect to get him ready and trained with the different letters of the language.

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