artic animals made from popsicle sticks

Arctic Animals Popsicle Stick Idea – Moose craft, Polar bear, Walrus and Penguin.

If you’re looking for a super fun and easy winter craft for kids then look no further. Today we have this super cute and easy Arctic animals craft. You can make a number of different animal crafts from the polar bear to a walrus to a super cute Moose craft.

Using popsicle sticks, a splash of paint and some googly eyes you’ll have these fun kids crafts complete before you know it. What a fantastic art project and craft idea to make with the little ones at home or in the preschool setting.

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Supplies Needed For These Popsicle Stick Crafts


Arctic Animals Wooden Craft Project

Simple craft sticks from the Dollar Store or Amazon to transform into a Moose, a Polar Bear, a Penguin and a Walrus!


Gather all supplies.  Measure and cut four rectangles three-inches wide by five-inches long and attach each one to the back of five wooden craft sticks.

Base coat Penguin with black craft paint, Polar Bear with white craft paint, Moose with light brown craft paint and Walrus with dark brown craft paint.  Set aside to dry and apply a second coat, if necessary.

Download, print and cut Arctic Animals Patterns.  Trace onto craft foam according to directions on pattern sheet.  Cut out all patterns with scissors.

How To Make The Walrus Craft

For Walrus, glue a toothpick into the center of each large brown pom pom.  Attach pom pom nose and muzzle and then wiggle eyes to walrus with the glue gun and glue sticks.

How To Make The Polar Bear Craft

For Polar Bear, glue small black pom pom to top center of craft foam muzzle and draw mouth and dots with permanent marker.  Attach ears to top right and left of polar bear and wiggle eyes just above muzzle.

How To Make The Penguin Craft

For Penguin, attach craft foam chest and then layer on beak, wings and wiggle eyes.  Glue webbed feet to the back of the penguin.

How To Make The Moose Craft

For Moose, attach antlers to the back right and left and then layer on ears and wiggle eyes.  Glue nostrils to the bottom right and left of the moose.

This is a fun activity to keep the kiddos busy with coloring, counting and motor skills.  Make these super cute wooden craft stick arctic animals in just about 30 minutes!  For some additional fun look up each animal on the internet and make a list of fun facts!

Your fantastic Winter Scene Arctic animals are now completed! Enjoy!

Download Your Arctic Animals Template Here

Also if you’re looking for fun ideas for an Arctic unit study or if you’d like a sensory bin idea based on winter, why not check out this super cute Polar Bear Sensory Bin!

polar bear sensory bin idea

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