Polar Bear Sensory Bin for Kids

This DIY Polar Bear Sensory Bin is easy to create and a wonderful resource for younger children to play with and enjoy. Sensory bins allow children to explore, imagine, discover, and learn while using their senses. They are great for both at home and in the school system.

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Polar Bear Sensory Bin

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Teaching Kids About Polar Bears?

Before, during, or after sensory play, you can teach kids about polar bears. Check out Polar Bears International to find facts and information about polar bears. Things you can talk about include:

  • What they eat
  • Their habitats
  • A polar bear’s life cycle
  • Characteristics of a polar bear
  • Myths that can be busted
Polar Bear Sensory Bin


You can find all these supplies on Amazon. Buy in bulk to save time and money.

(Note: below, you can add desired amount of items that will fit easily into the tray you are using.)

If you would like to make your own polar bears, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Arctic Morphing Matter comes with 6 arctic animal figurines. And, kinetic sand is also a great sensory activity.

Polar Bear Sensory Bin Directions:

Set up a workspace for kids to play. (The foam beads can be a bit messy, so prepare for that!)

Pour the foam beads into the tray.

Add glass gems around the tray.

Add decorative snowflakes.

Put cotton balls and pom poms into the tray.

Add polar bears.

It’s play time! Use hands, scoops, or plastic spoon for play. Have kids count and find all the snowflakes, gems, cotton balls, or pom poms.


Warning: Because we use small objects in this bin, use caution with younger children. Supervision is always encouraged.

Polar Bear Sensory Bin

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Polar Bear Sensory Bin

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