DIY Dinosaur Rice Sensory Bin

Today on Craft Play Learn we have a fantastic DIY rice sensory bin for Dinosaur lovers. This Dinosaur sensory bin is super easy to create and one the little ones will enjoy both in the preschool setting or at home.

DIY Sensory bins are often easy to create and are a fantastic resource and activity for young children to enjoy. We chose to dye our rice green when making this rice sensory bin but you can choose whatever color you want.

Enjoy this easy tutorial: How to dye rice for a sensory table! Dinosaurs can be super fun and we are sure you will love this fun Dinosaur themed activity.

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What Is Sensory Play?

Sensory play is any activity that can be used to stimulate a child’s senses. Children can use a sensory toy, sensory tray or sensory bin to experience the senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

Investigating, discovering and exploring in the home or preschool setting allows children to experience different sensations as they play and have fun and this is beneficial in the learning process.

Why Is Sensory Play Important?

Sensory play is super important because it allows children to develop and build nerve connections in the brain as they have fun. This can trigger a child to learn and develop both minor and complex learning tasks.

Sensory play can be great for calming a stressed child as it is often a relaxing and calming activity. Sensory play is great for supporting literacy and language development.

How Does Sensory Play Help Development And Growth?

As a child I had speech therapy and playing with sensory toys helped me to develop cognitive skills and improve my speech whilst having fun social interaction and developing problem solving skills.

Sensory play can help children in many ways to develop many basic skills which are needed as part of child development and growth.

Supplies Needed To Make A Rice Sensory Bin

How To Make A Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Dinosaur Sensory Activity (How to Dye Rice Green)

Begin by adding 2 cups of rice into a gallon sized plastic bag.

Add 2 tsp of vinegar to the rice.

Next add 20-30 drops of green food coloring to the bag of rice.

Close the bag and mix well with your hands until the rice is evenly colored.

Line a pan or tray with a paper towel.

Pour the rice onto paper towel, spread evenly, and allow the rice to dry.

Once the rice is dry, pour the green rice into a sensory bin or tray. Add plastic dinosaurs for sensory play. You can also add other creatures, for example, bears or other small plastic toys.

Don’t forget can store your green rice in an air-tight container for future play!

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