The Nutcracker Coloring Pages

If you love the story of The Nutcracker then you will love these fanatastic nutcracker coloring pages. These are the perfect boredom busters for Christmas and with 5 fun activity sheets they will keep the kids busy for a few hours.

Whether you use these in the classroom, or at home, whilst wrapping presents, enjoy these free nutcracker printables and let the little ones have fun this Christmas season!

nutcracker printables

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Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids

These printable pages are pretty self explanatory. There are five sheets altogether, three coloring pages, one word scramble and one nutcracker word search. You’ll need some crayons or felt tips depending on your child’s age and these will help your little one to develop fine motor skills whilst having fun.

Teach Kids About The Nutcracker with crafts

You could use these Nutcracker printable pages to teach kids about color or even to discuss toy soldiers. Why not try making some toy soldier decorations together to place on the Christmas tree? There is a fabulous toy soldier christmas decoration idea over on The Inspiration Edit. You might also want to try making Nutcracker Popsicle Stick puppets. This is an easy paper craft the children might enjoy.

More Nutcracker Ideas For Kids

Have fun with these printables and if you wish to extend your child’s learning and interest in The Nutcracker theme then why not grab a bucket of lego and create nutcracker lego characters. That could be super fun!

You might want to watch The Nutcracker movie whilst you create your lego characters. Even better why not buy a Nutcracker Lego Head Set from Lego as a Christmas gift! Lego even have a 230 piece Nutcracker Toy Soldier set which would be super fun to build on Christmas morning.

Well, have fun with these free Nutcracker coloring pages and don’t forget to share these free Christmas printables which your friends. Sharing is caring!


Download your Nutcracker Printable Pack Here!

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