Alice In Wonderland Coloring Pages

Alice is a creative girl who fell asleep reading a book. These Alice in Wonderland coloring pages would be perfect for kids to color before, during or after reading the book: Alice in Wonderland.

Why is Coloring Important for Preschoolers

Coloring is a fantastic activity for preschoolers. Here are just a few of the reasons why it is so important:

  • Coloring develops hand strength.
  • It offers practice for pencil gripping.
  • Coloring stimulates creativity.
  • It encourages self expression in their coloring sheets.
  • Coloring improves fine motor skills
  • It helps develop focus and concentration.

How to Use Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages

Coloring is a great activity for preschoolers, but even with coloring, I like to make every activity educational. These coloring pages can be used to teach the following:

  1. Read the story: Alice in Wonderland is a magical story that kids young and old enjoy. Read the story before giving kids a follow-up coloring activity.
  2. Learn the Characters: Each coloring sheet is a character from the story. Ask kids to tell you about each character from the book you read.
  3. Work on find motor skills: Developing find motor skills is pertinent to preschoolers doing well in school as they get older. Coloring in itself is educational.

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Download Your Alice In Wonderland Colouring Book Here!


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