Letter X Worksheets For Preschool Kids

Letter X Worksheets For Preschool Kids

Are you looking for some awesome free preschool printable activity ideas? Look no further! Today I have some fantastic letter X worksheets for kids. These are free to download and simple to use. I hope you enjoy them. 

The letter X is an interesting letter to teach children. When I think of X I think of X-ray and that’s something I found fascinating as a child. in fact i remember having numerous x-rays on my chest as an asthmatic as well as an x-ray when I broke my wrist.

These fun letter X printables can be used to teach about the letter X or as part of a human body unit study! The choice is up to you.

letter x worksheets for preschool kids

Letter X Worksheets

In this printable pack you will get the following:

  • one x-ray coloring sheet
  • trace the lines worksheet
  • x-ray counting worksheet
  • X ray letter tracing page

Why Use Letter Tracing Worksheets

Letter tracing worksheets can be really helpful for little ones. Whether your child is at the initial stages of mark making or is developing fine motor skills and learning to draw lines, letter tracing worksheets can help them along.

You can laminate these sheets and use them in the classroom. Laminating will save on paper wastage and allow your child to practice over and over again.

When my daughter was in Nursery school, she has a letter tracing page with her own name, so the focus was to learn the letters of her own name first. However practicing the letter X is a great technique to learn to make a cross which is often needed for a variety of letters.

Letter X Crafts For Kids

To extend your child’s interest in the letter X you could play some games and talk about things starting with X. You might want to create and decorate your own letter X men or letter X craft.

Here are a few letter X craft ideas to help guide you.

Letter X craft – X is for Xylophone over on Totally Tots Blog

X is for X-ray craft over on the Sly Spoon Blog

Letter X handprint Craft on It Happens In A Blink

Another fun activity could be to teach the letter X song or the letter X phonics song. I’ve shared it here for easy access. Enjoy!

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Download Your Letter X Printables Here!

Why not download these and help little ones to practice fine motor skills as well as letter recognition. Have fun and I hope you find these printables useful. 

Letter X worksheets

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