Letter D Worksheets For Kids

Letter D worksheets for pre-k kids.

Today we are sharing our letter D worksheets for preschool kids. Teaching the alphabet can be fun and with these free printable letter D coloring worksheets you can have a little fun with the kids as they learn the letter D.

This D is for Dress letter D PDF is a free resource for you to use in both the pre-k setting and at home. The printable has 4 pages which can be printed in black and white. So If you’re looking for some letter D pictures to color, lines to trace and count then these worksheets will be great for you.

What You Get in these Preschool Worksheets

In this set of letter D printable pages you get:

  • A line tracing page from the letter D to the Dress.
  • 2 Letter D coloring sheets.
  • One Dress count sheet.

letter D worksheets for kids

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What Age Should A Child Be Able to Recognize Letters?

Typically a child should be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet around the age of 3 to 4 years, however every child is different and develops at their own pace.

Teaching the basic letters and sounds is a great thing to do as your child plays and engages in the world around them. Find natural ways to teach kids about the letters. Read books about the alphabet, sing songs and talk to your child about the letters and sounds.

Letter Sound Games

We have a number of alphabet printables here on Craft Play Learn, to help gets the kids interested in the letters of the alphabet.

You may want to print off our Letter A Worksheets, Letter B Worksheets and Letter C Worksheets.

Along with these free alphabet printables you could play some letter sound games or teach the kids a phonics song. There are so many activities you can do to teach the alphabet including letter sound games.

You could print off pictures and match these up to magnetic letters, or simply write some letters on a piece of paper and have the kids find objects around the home that match the sound of the letters. That could be fun and budget friendly.

You could even make some Alphabet clothespin printables for kids to match up alphabet letters with sounds. These types of clothespin activities combine alphabet practice, beginning sound practice, and the building of fine motor skills all in one!

Download Your Free Letter PDF Here

Free Letter D coloring and Alphabet worksheets

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