Letter A Worksheets For Preschool Kids

Letter A Worksheets To Help Teach The Alphabet

Since becoming a Preschool teacher two decades ago, I discovered a passion for teaching literacy to young children. One of the most important and basic skills pre-k kids should learn is to recognise each letter of the Alphabet.

I love graphic design and so I have designed a complete set of Alphabet Worksheets which are free to download here at Craft Play Learn.

Letter A Worksheets For Pre-K

The first set of worksheets I am sharing are these fantastic Letter A Printables. Based on the word Acorn, you can print this letter A PDF off for free to help the little ones learn to recognise the letter A.

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Free Printable Worksheets For The Letter A

Here is what you get in this free letter A printable pack.

  • A is for Acorn Letter A coloring page.
  • Color the odd number acorns letter A worksheet.
  • Acorn Match, to learn about upper and lower case letters.
  • Acorn jump – counting the acorns page.

How To Use Free Letter A Alphabet Worksheets

Basically you can print these pages off and photocopy them for the kids at preschool or for use in the home.

You may want to use these worksheets as a unit study on the letter A.

You could find a book about Acorns or an Alphabet book and to engage kids in the learning of the letters.

You can color or paint the Acorn coloring page, create Letter A crafts and talk about the long and short sounds of the letter A.

Teach the kids a alphabet song.

Have an activity where the kids have to draw as many things as they can beginning with the letter A.

Maybe play a letter A game at Mat time. Sit in a circle and take in turns to share the names of food, animals or any else that starts with the letter A.

Read Chicken Little With The Kids

As the letter A worksheets are based on the Acorn, this would be a great opportunity to read the story Chicken Little with the kids. I loved the story of Chicken Little as a child.

We called the story Henny Penny, but some know it as Chicken Little. The Chicken believes the sky is falling down after an acorn hits her on the head and it’s a fun story to read with the kids.

It’s a fun fable and you could even watch the more recent Chicken Little movie as a special treat.

Chicken Little The Movie.

There are so many letter A activities to choose from and these worksheets can simply help you to extend your children’s interest in reading, the alphabet and the letter A.


Download Your Letter A Printables Here!

Letter A Printable PDF

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